Delivery Manager

Efficient Home Delivery Management

Stay on top of your entire home delivery order cycle with incredible ease. Track home deliveries — from the minute your customer places an order, to when it is delivered at their doorstep. Instant insights into preparation, pick up and delivery time helps you identify issues, and be in total control of the quality of your home delivery operations.
Delivery Manager

Track Customer Waiting Time

Your customers are your restaurant’s most important assets, and getting delivery orders done on time makes all the difference in their perception of your restaurant. With Sapaad, every stage of your delivery process displays in real-time how long your customers have been waiting. Now, your staff can operate with the most important aspect of your business always on high priority — your customers.

Optimise Delivery Efficiency

Sapaad’s 'Delivery Manager' lets you monitor and analyse every step of your home delivery process — order preparation time in the kitchen, how long it was waiting to be picked up by your delivery driver, and how long it took to get to your customer. Identify and analyse bottlenecks, incentivize top performing staff, gain total control of your delivery process.

Real-time SMS Alerts

Send pro-active real-time SMS alerts to your customers through every stage of home delivery order fulfilment. No more follow-up calls from customers to find out where their food is. With Sapaad’s in-built SMS module, your customers are always up-to-date on their order status, instantly.

Delivery Assistant

An awesome mobile app that just works; give your drivers a personal assistant that tells them what orders to deliver, how long customers have been waiting, and where. What’s more, it works on any mobile device – Android, iOS and Blackberry!