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Restaurant CRM Solution

Our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) module gives you everything you need to manage customers effortlessly — a rich customer database with customer addresses, order history and preferences.

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A complete platform to manage your customers

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A Flow To Suit Every Customer

Sapaad supports various types of phone orders. What if a customer calls to place an order, but wants to come in to the restaurant and collect the food? Sapaad has you covered.

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Automatic Branch Selection

If you have multiple locations, Sapaad lets you easily set up a central call center. Or you can take phone orders at every outlet respectively. In either case, Sapaad's builds a single customer database for your business. What’s more, Sapaad ‘delivery area’ mapping system automatically assigns every home delivery order to the right branch. Not only that, it also sends kitchen prints directly to the corresponding location.

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Centralized Call Center

Build a call center to take home delivery orders easily at every outlet, or have agents take orders centrally for all your outlets. Orders are printed remotely to your respective kitchens.

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Customer Insights

Everyone loves a restaurant that makes calling for take-away or home delivery easy! Get instant customer insights including multiple addresses, customer notes, order history, running orders, favourites, and more. Empower your telephone agents to engage smartly and quickly with your customers.

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Re-engage your inactive customers

Reach out and win back your inactive customers. Sapaad provides a comprehensive report that tracks customers' last purchase from one to six months. Entice your customers with SMS campaigns by instantly promoting new menu offerings, fabulous discounts, and amazing deals.

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Engage your customers with SMS campaigns

Sapaad’s SMS module allows you to maintain instant connectivity with your customers. Create campaigns that pique customer interests, offer discounts & freebies, reward Loyalty customers with specialized deals, and more. Sapaad supports expansive SMS campaigns so you can share amazing deals with your best customers.

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