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Customer Display Screen (CDS)

Elevate on-premise ordering experiences with Sapaad CDS. Display complete order information, facilitate correct payment, and advertise restaurant promotions in attractive, high-resolution formats.


Improve your customer’s ordering experience with Sapaad CDS

Sapaad CDS refines the customer checkout experience and facilitates accurate and complete order fulfillment.

  • Display complete transaction details - including prices, quantities, discounts, and totals
  • Allow customers to review and confirm itemized orders
  • Show token numbers for walk-in and take-out orders to streamline order processing and pickup
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Attract attention and drive sales

  • Maximize promotional opportunities with strategic ad placements placed next to the customer’s order
  • Rotate additional ads and promotions on the Customer Display Screen, even when your POS terminal is not in use
  • Increase product awareness and win instant conversions with eye-catching, high definition images
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Supported Sapaad CDS Hardware

  • Android Available for Android ver. 9.0 and up
    Compatible with any tablet (screen size 8” and up)
  • iOS Available for iOS 13.0 and up
    Compatible with any iPad Device
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Setting up your CDS is easy

Enhance your customer’s ordering experience in 3 easy steps

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Download Sapaad CDS

Available in the App Store and on Google Play for iOS and Android

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Set up and enable

Sync your Sapaad CDS app with Sapaad POS

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Add images

Add images to display in timeout and advertisement screens

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Sell and promote, all on one platform

Integrating a CDS to your Sapaad POS enables you to make full use of Sapaad’s robust restaurant management ecosystem.

  • Cut down on separate hardware and software costs for different restaurant functions
  • Increase brand recognition by synchronizing advertisements across all your branches
  • Manage all aspects of your restaurant - from inventory to delivery and more - on one centralized platform