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Manage your entire restaurant on one platform

Manage everything - sales, in-store and online orders, deliveries, inventory, daily reporting, payments, accounting - all on one single platform. It's like your restaurant's own operating system.

Elegant. Powerful. User Friendly.

At the heart of Sapaad, is an elegant, powerful, cloud-based Point of Sale (POS). Sapaad's POS is built with incredibly high usability standards, designed to help you easily and instantly serve your customers - be it walk-in, dine-in, take-away, or home delivery orders.

  • Easy to set up - Runs on Web, iOS & Android
  • Customize orders as per customer preferences
  • Multi-location friendly
  • Multilingual menus and invoices
  • Offline Mode

Table Management

From table management and running orders, to an app that lets your waiters take orders directly on a tablet, Sapaad will help you run your restaurant's dine-in business with incredible efficiency.

  • Fully customizable table layouts
  • Take orders directly on a tablet
  • Access all 'running orders' on one screen
  • Tableside payments

Analytics & Reporting

Sapaad’s powerful business dashboard gives you real-time, valuable insights into your restaurant’s performance at any time, from anywhere.

  • LIVE dashboard with real-time insights
  • Export and print reports
  • Customizable layout
  • Any date & time range

Order Integration

All your online order channels in one powerful system. Sapaad Connect integrates Sapaad POS with leading food ordering platforms for effortless menu management and order fulfillment.

Manage Inventory

Manage all aspects of inventory – calculate recipe cost, send purchase orders, and transfer stock with a click.

  • Recipe Management
  • Send POs directly to suppliers
  • Single-click stock requests and transfers
  • Effective waste management
  • Complete food costing
  • Powerful inventory reporting

Integrated CRM

Centrally managed customer profiles with a comprehensive customer database of addresses, order history, and preferences.

  • Unlimited customer database
  • Centralized call center for multi-outlet restaurants
  • Track Inactive customers
  • Send SMS campaigns

Kitchen Display System

Stay on top of your kitchen’s workflow by ensuring a seamless journey from order placement to fulfillment. Sapaad KDS simplifies kitchen communications and processes to improve efficiency, food quality, and speed of service.

  • Gold-standard KDS design
  • Manage online and offline orders on one screen
  • Track item completion across kitchen stations
  • LIVE kitchen workflow overview

Payment Integrations

Sapaad is integrated with the most secure payment gateways worldwide to offer your customers an array of flexible payment options.

Why do restaurant owners choose Sapaad?

“Sapaad has all the solutions that we need - inventory, CRM, call center, loyalty, dine-in & takeaway. It is very easy to use and works on all devices.”

Jerome Mortel

Chief Information Officer, Sumo Sushi & Bento

Why do restaurant owners choose Sapaad?

“Sapaad is a very user-friendly, easy and modern cloud-based POS system. It has saved me a lot of money on hardware and software.”

Faisal Abdullah Ali

Managing Director, Dose Cafe

Why do restaurant owners choose Sapaad?

“When we bought Sapaad we actually kept the old system and asked staff to punch every single order on two separate systems, we monitored the quickness of the orders and after 30 days, the staff agreed that Sapaad was the easier system.”

Ramy Moussa

Owner, The Stuffed Burger Co.

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