All-Round Integration

Sapaad KDS is fully integrated with Sapaad POS. It supports all order types — walk-in, dine-in, online, and delivery — to manage your operations effectively. Orders are automatically routed to your Kitchen Prep Screens, eliminating the risk of missed or incorrect orders.

Systemized Stations

Set up multiple kitchen stations based on the needs of your operations. Sapaad KDS intelligently splits orders by menu category to display items at predefined kitchen stations. This ensures operational efficiency and enhances communication between your kitchen staff.

Item-Level Bumping

Sapaad KDS allows your chefs to bump off each item once it’s prepared with a single click or tap, enabling easy and effective tracking of item completion.

Device Agnostic

Sapaad KDS supports both touch and bump interface, and works on any OS, resolution, screen size, or device. Gain maximum flexibility in busy and high-stress kitchen environments, whether you have a tablet, monitor, or large screen TV. No proprietary hardware; controlled deployment costs.