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Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Get direct online orders from your website, Facebook, and Instagram — commission-free. Take control of your online revenue today!

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Sapaad online ordering system for restaurant

Trusted by thousands of restaurants worldwide


Grow your revenue with new sales channels

Enhanced online order and pay experience

With improved UI, one-step sign up process, single page checkout, and more, Sapaad.Online gives you an entirely fresh online ordering experience.



All-new Curbside Pickup

Add a new online pick-up channel with Curbside Pickup – a quick and easy drive-by solution for customers in a rush.

Schedule pick-up and delivery orders

Extend customer convenience with Order Ahead for delivery and pick up. Busy customers can now schedule and pay for food orders ahead of time, at their pace.

Enhanced Online Order & Pay with Restaurant Online Ordering System
Enhanced Online Order & Pay with Restaurant Online Ordering System

Key features for your Online Ordering page

Sapaad gives you everything you need to effectively run and grow your online business.

Key Feature of Sapaad Restaurant Online Ordering System

Your own sub-domain

No need to embed scripts or frames. Run your store on a custom domain of your choice.


Deliver by Postal Code

Map delivery areas based on postal codes to quickly locate customers of online delivery orders.

Schedue Pick-up and Delivery with Restaurant Online Ordering System

Order scheduling

Customers can easily pre-order from your online store for pick-up or delivery at their convenience.

quick food

Quick food serving

Configure default ETAs for your delivery so that customers can easily track their orders and know when to expect their food.


Your store, your brand

We've built a phenomenal, best-in-class store that offers a delightful ordering channel to your customers. We also let you customize your store to reflect your branding. Your very own store, now built on a world-class experience.


Opening and closing

Configure your store with your opening and closing hours and, we will smartly display the appropriate message to your visitors. Customers can place and schedule their orders in time for the stores opening hours.

SLA driven

SLA driven process

Set deadlines for your staff to acknowledge and act on incoming online orders. This ensures that your customers' orders are processed in a timely manner and with urgency, thus driving service improvement across your fulfillment process.

menu icon

Menu Management

We let you display a single online ordering store for your brand. You can manage each of your locations' menus, discounts, and announcements separately, giving you a powerful new paradigm of store management.

Fully Integrated Marketing Suite

With Sapaad.Online, you can market your own online channel, give your customers a world-class experience, and have them coming back for more

  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Loyalty

Social Media Ordering

Maximize your digital reach and publish your online store on Facebook and Instagram and get orders directly into Sapaad in just a few clicks.

By adding your online store to your Facebook and Instagram profile, visitors can go from simply browsing your profile to placing orders within a few taps.

Marketing Messages

Display targeted ads, powerful marketing messages and announcements to your customers directly on your store — whether on web or mobile. A great way to reach out to your target audience and upsell your latest deals and discounts to increase conversions.

Loyalty program

Sapaad.Online features an in-built loyalty program that lets you offer your customers seamless and elegant cashback-based loyalty. It's easy to set up and a delight for your customers to use; they get real-time visibility of their loyalty earnings and can easily redeem points when placing orders from your website or social media channels.

Why do restaurant owners choose Sapaad?

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“Sapaad has all the solutions that we need - inventory, CRM, call center, loyalty, dine-in & takeaway. It is very easy to use and works on all devices.”

Jerome Mortel

Chief Information Officer, Sumo Sushi & Bento

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Why do restaurant owners choose Sapaad?

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“Sapaad is a very user-friendly, easy and modern cloud-based POS system. It has saved me a lot of money on hardware and software.”

Faisal Abdullah Ali

Managing Director, Dose Cafe

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Why do restaurant owners choose Sapaad?

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“When we bought Sapaad we actually kept the old system and asked staff to punch every single order on two separate systems, we monitored the quickness of the orders and after 30 days, the staff agreed that Sapaad was the easier system.”

Ramy Moussa

Owner, The Stuffed Burger Co.

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Integrated with Kitchen Display System

Our KDS intelligently splits Sapaad.Online orders by menu category to display items at predefined kitchen stations. Once completed, they are seamlessly routed to Sapaad’s Delivery Manager. No manual intervention required!

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Delivery Manager & Driver's Assistant

Sapaad.Online is seamlessly integrated with Sapaad's gold-standard ‘Delivery Manager’ and ‘Delivery Assistant’. Monitor every stage of the order process in real-time from Sapaad's Delivery Manager while delivery drivers stay on top of deliveries with the awesome Delivery Assistant mobile app.


Expected Arrival Time!

Set up ETAs for your deliveries so that your customers know when to expect their food. Intelligent updates in real-time keep your customers informed on expected delivery fulfillment.


Order Tracking

Your customers can conveniently track their orders at every stage. Sapaad.Online automatically updates this information from the 'Delivery Manager' at your restaurant. Now no more follow up calls to know if the food has left your restaurant. Your customers can track orders right from their mobiles or laptops. They’ll love the convenience!

Highly-Efficient Delivery Management Tools

Sapaad.Online not only gives your customers an incredible online channel, it completes the experience by giving you the tools to manage fulfillment and delivery in a brilliant transparent process that will delight your customers.

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