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Table Management Simplified

From table management and running orders, to an app that lets your waiters take orders directly on a tablet, Sapaad's Dine In features will help you run your restaurant's dine in business with incredible efficiency.

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Running Orders

During busy hours, it's important to have a reliable, convenient, and accessible POS. On our ‘Running Orders’ screen, you’ll see a list of all your open orders, so you can generate bills or modify orders with just a single click.

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running orders
status glance

Status At A Glance

We understand the challenges when things get busy at a restaurant. Hence, we’ve made Sapaad’s Dine In module brilliantly intuitive to use. With a glance, you’ll know the status of all your tables, how many are available, and how many will be available soon.

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Efficient Table Management

Define floors, zones and tables to suit your restaurant's layout. Manage orders at each table, "split" tables or "move" orders between tables, "split" the bill between a table. However you want to manage your dine-in operations, Sapaad has you covered.

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efficient table management
table ready

Tablet Ready!

Our Dine In module comes with a tablet-ready interface. What’s more, unlike traditional POS handheld devices, Sapaad’s tablet app works on any tablet of your choice — Android or iPad. No more expensive proprietary hardware — you can have all your waiters equipped to take orders cost-effectively!

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