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Automated Sales Reporting System for Mall Restaurants

Make manual mall GTO sales reporting a thing of the past. Generate and send formatted sales reports automatically with Sapaad Mall Adapter.


Sapaad Mall Adapter is Built for Mall Restaurants

City Developments Limited
Cross Street Exchange

Streamline Sales Reporting with Sapaad Mall Adapter

Sapaad Mall Adapter is a time-saving software application that transmits sales reports from your Cloud POS to your partner mall’s accounting system.

  • No proprietary hardware needed
  • One-time setup required
  • Free with any Sapaad POS subscription

GTO Reporting Made Easy

  • Install Sapaad Mall Adapter on your POS device to connect your mall’s sales data server
  • Generate and send GTO sales reports automatically at preferred schedules
  • Meet mall reporting and tax compliance requirements with confidence

Set It Up Once and You're Done

  • Log, report, and back up sales data in your mall’s preferred format
  • Prepare and relay sales reports to your mall's accounting department in the format of their choice
  • Sync to retrieve past sales data any time

Manage All Your Sales Data in One Place

Adding Sapaad Mall Adapter to your Sapaad POS subscription enables you to meet mall reporting requirements while managing critical oversight of your overall business.

  • Segregate mall sales data from other outlets or sales channels
  • Freedom from on-premise, legacy POS systems or other expensive retail management suites
  • Centralize management of all aspects of your restaurant business

Sapaad Mall Adapter is FREE with Sapaad POS

Experience convenient and hassle-free sales reporting with Sapaad Mall Adapter. Sapaad Mall Adapter is available for Windows 7+