Introducing an all-improved POS experience

Faster, smarter, better order-taking. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
10 October 2017

14 Features to Look For When Shopping for a Restaurant POS

Looking for a new POS? Here are 14 must-have features to help you shop smart. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
13 September 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: August 2017

This August, we’ve introduced even more enhancements to improve your experience with Sapaad and your customers’ experience with your business. In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from our August updates. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
30 August 2017

Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud Restaurant POS Systems

Heard great things about cloud-based solutions for running a restaurant but hesitant to make the switch? Here are top 5 benefits of going Cloud! Continue reading

Team Sapaad
02 August 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: July 2017

As we reach mid-2017, we’ve introduced an array of new features and updates that aim to improve your experience with Sapaad, as well as your customers’ experience with your business. In case you missed it, here’s what’s new. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
31 July 2017

Local Spin on a Global Favorite

Alexander Debare, the founder of Burger28, shares the inspiration behind his burger concept and how Sapaad complements their unique operations. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
19 July 2017

Introducing Discount Scheduling

Sapaad’s all-new, super flexible discount scheduler lets you easily plan and set your discounts to run at specific times — certain days of the week, a date or time range, or a combination of both. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
12 July 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: June 2017

We’re constantly working to make Sapaad the best it can be. This June, we introduced a ton of exciting enhancements to Sapaad including barcode scanning in the POS interface, the ability to enable discounts for specific order types, and much

Team Sapaad
29 June 2017