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Linerless Label Printers for Restaurants

Experience the future of label printing with Linerless Label Printing. Cut down costs, print more labels, and reduce waste with advanced printing technology.


What is Linerless Label Printing?

Linerless label printers print clear and concise labels on special thermal paper. These labels are liner-free and ready to stick after printing for fast and easy labelling! This technology is rapidly being adapted in other industries, and is now available for restaurants and cafes to use.

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Linerless vs Die-cut comparison table

Linerless Label Printers

  • Printers can be programmed to cut labels of any size
  • Labels are ready to stick after printing; no need to peel off liner sheets
  • Linerless printers use continuous rolls of paper and print up to 60% more labels with the same roll

Traditional Die-cut Printers

  • Labels are printed on pre-cut sticker sheets with fixed dimensions
  • Labels need to be peeled off the paper before being ready to stick
  • Wasted printer paper from small label margins

Benefits of Linerless Label Printing

  • Save time from having to peel off sticker liners from your labels
  • Linerless labels can be cut at flexible lengths, ready to stick right after printing
  • Print up to 60% more labels from the same roll

Linerless labels are designed to be durable and eco-friendly


Linerless labels are heat resistant and water resistant, perfect for any food packaging


Linerless label printer use BPA-free thermal paper that produces up to 52% less CO2 emissions

Cloud Label

Work seamlessly with Cloud Label Print

  • Print food labels on-site and from remote locations and cut down manual inputs
  • Print order labels directly from third-party aggregators like Zomato, Talabat, Deliveroo, GrabFood and more
  • Eliminate human error during dispatch with automated label printing

FAQs for Linerless Label Printing

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What is linerless label printing?

Linerless label printing is a new, low-cost, eco-friendly way of labeling food products. It differs significantly from traditional die-cut label printing because the labels have no back liner.

You can print variable-sized labels from one roll that are easy to apply. You also get more labels per roll – as much as 60% more.

In addition, these labels are environment friendly, without any residual silicone. You also save on storage space and on waste disposal.

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Get Linerless Label Printer for your restaurant

  • The modern, cost-saving label printing solution for takeaway & delivery
  • Fully integrated with Sapaad Restaurant POS System
  • Easy to set up through Sapaad iOS and Android applications
  • Fully compatible with Sapaad Cloud Label Printing