October 24, 2021

IMDA’s Commendation of Sapaad’s Initiatives in Singapore

The global COVID-19 situation has brought on new challenges to the hospitality industry that has left business owners needing to adapt to the “new normal”. At Sapaad, we’ve been closely observing the impact on the industry as businesses across the globe are being asked to close operations and support lock-down and social distancing drives.

In response to this, Sapaad has stepped forward with business-boosting initiatives in several of our global markets to support and empower the F&B industry in ensuring business continuity during this exceptional period.

Through our initiatives, restaurants are easily shifting their sales strategy to online and delivery by opening new revenue channels, a first for many dine-in establishments since opening their doors. With our quick go-to-market solutions — fully integrated with Sapaad POS — they can build an efficient online and home delivery operation in as quick as 48 hours.

We’ve been recognized by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for our commitment to empowering restaurants in Singapore with our digital solutions. IMDA is a statutory board in the Singapore government under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) that develops and regulates the converging Infocomm and media sectors.

IMDA’s Note of Appreciation for Sapaad’s efforts in the ‘Stay Healthy, Go Digital’ campaign.

Sapaad stepped forward to join IMDA’s ‘Stay Healthy, Go Digital’ campaign which supports Singaporean SMEs by making digitalization easily accessible during this period. As part of this campaign, Sapaad has offered Singapore-based restaurants a ‘COVID-19 Digital Solutions Package’ to ensure business continuity.

The package consists of the essential tools to help restaurants seamlessly conduct their business online — including Sapaad Cloud POS, Sapaad.Online (Online Ordering), CRM, Home Delivery & Driver Management, and Sapaad Connect (Food Ordering Platform Integration) — free for a specific period.

In addition, Sapaad has offered free assistance for on-site and remote deployment to help businesses get up and running. The deployment extensively covers several areas such as setup and configuration (menu, locations, rules, discounts, modifiers, and more), implementation, data migration, training, and approved hardware installation.

The achievements of this initiative are made possible by the Sapaad team who are proactive in bringing as many restaurants on board. At Sapaad, we will continue to do our part in supporting the industry to overcome this pandemic and emerge stronger together.