October 23, 2021

What’s new in Sapaad: September round up

We’re rounding up September with an array of new features and enhancements to improve your Sapaad experience and your customers’ with your business.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from our September updates.

1. Quick, convenient, contactless ordering with Sapaad Direct

Introducing Sapaad Direct—our QR code-based contactless ordering solution. Offer your customers the ability to scan, order and pay directly from their phones—at the counter or table. No contact, no hassle!

Orders go straight to the kitchen so guests experience reduced wait times and seamless ordering, while you get to enjoy increased turnover and revenue.

2. Sapaad Customer Display Screen now available on Google Play Store

Designed with gold-standard usability, our elegant and versatile customer display screen empowers you to improve order accuracy, speed up checkouts, and enhance the ordering experience of your customers and staff.

✔ Sapaad Customer Display Screen lets guests review their orders — items, modifiers, discounts, taxes, and more, as they are added to the bill.

✔ Introducing a new menu item or special offer? Drive sales with ads displayed during transactions; it’s a proven upsell strategy.

✔ Elevate in-store branding with a custom idle screen image that’s eye-catching and effective.

Plus, it’s quick to set up, easy to use, and great for walk-in and counter-service F&B businesses including cafes, restaurants, food trucks, quick service, and more.

3. Sapaad partners with iPay88, FAB, CCAvenue, NETS QR

Sapaad.Online, our fully-integrated online ordering solution—and Sapaad Direct, our QR-code based contactless ordering solution—have partnered with new payment gateway providers—iPay88 in Malaysia, FAB Payments in UAE, NETS QR in Singapore, and CCAvenue in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

They join our growing list of payment partners worldwide supported by Sapaad to offer your guests the flexibility and convenience of robust, secure digital payments.

4. Sapaad Mall Connect welcomes EMAAR malls in UAE, Sembawang Mall in Singapore

We’ve introduced Sapaad Mall Connect to EMAAR malls in UAE and Sembawang Mall in Singapore. Experience streamlined sync of daily sales and effortless management with Mall Connect’s GTO integration solution.

Sales data from Sapaad is automatically uploaded to the mall server at the scheduled daily or monthly sync time — no manual intervention required! What’s more, with scheduled mall reporting, gain insights and analytics into business performance on a centralized dashboard. It’s quick and easy to set up and a delight to use!

5. Sapaad integrates with 7Shifts

Sapaad now comes integrated with 7Shifts—an all-in-one team management platform built for restaurants. Sapaad data seamlessly syncs with 7Shifts to help you leverage 7Shifts staff scheduling tools while using the power of Sapaad for a more streamlined restaurant operations.

6. Label Print and Print Queue System for iOS

Sapaad iOS now comes with Label Print — a feature that lets you print labels for item-level orders, providing a more efficient and streamlined order-taking process.

Additionally, Sapaad iOS now features an improved print queue system for greater speed, reliability, and an improved printing workflow. Multiple print requests are handled by a resilient, internal, asynchronous queue, making Sapaad iOS work great even with network printers that are shared across multiple devices and operating systems.

7. Sapaad.Online experience, upgraded

We’ve improved Delivery Zone mapping with Google Maps integration, introducing the ability to search addresses by area name and postal codes. Furthermore, you now have visibility of other delivery zones as they map new ones, enabling you to draw out zone boundaries with even more precision and enjoy an all-new mapping experience.

Plus, Sapaad.Online now features Automatic Order Confirmation, giving you the ability to automatically accept orders as they come. This eliminates manual confirmation, allows for a streamlined order-taking process and increased staff productivity.

8. Brilliant, next-gen Delivery Manager hits Beta

Introducing Sapaad’s new-and-improved Delivery Manager — a feature-rich, incredibly performant platform that brings a vast number of QOL and workflow improvements.

These include a consolidated order confirmation interface, segregated in-house and partner delivery views, an all-new Dark Mode, real-time insights, an overall UX overhaul for much-improved usability and readability, and much more!

9. All-new Multi-tax capability is in Beta

We’ve introduced the ability to automate and streamline tax handling, and eliminate manual end-of-day reconciliation with Multi-tax.

This new feature lets you combine multiple taxes — such as VAT or GST and other taxes — into a group, assign them to your menu items, and have the tax breakdown printed on the invoice. Plus, it works in sync with the LIVE dashboard and Business Summary for accurate accounting and reporting.

10. An improved Sapaad experience

We’ve partnered with Stripe to streamline Sapaad’s subscription transactions for enhanced security and overall improved experience. Additionally, it gives our team the ability to create invoices straight from the Subscription Manager tool, while also giving you the ability to cancel subscriptions directly from your My Account setup.