July 26, 2021

What’s new in Sapaad: July round up

We’re rounding up July with an array of new features and enhancements to improve your Sapaad experience and your customers’ with your business.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from our July updates.

1. Google Pay Food Connect now available in Singapore

Google Pay Food joins our awesome, growing list of online food delivery partner integrations available in Sapaad Connect.

With the launch of Google Pay Food Connect, you can manage your Google Pay Food store straight from Sapaad. Orders go directly to Sapaad POS. Experience 100% automated order fulfillment and total delivery control, no data entry required. Plus, gain LIVE insights & analytics — anytime, anywhere.

Google Pay Food is available to all Sapaad customers in Singapore subscribed to Sapaad Connect.

2. Sapaad.Online partners with DPO and PayU in Africa; QPay in Qatar

We’ve partnered with new payment gateway providers — DPO in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana; and PayU in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa — both offering complete payment solutions.

Additionally, users in Qatar can enjoy seamless online order transactions with our latest payment integration with QPay.

They join our growing list of payment partners worldwide supported by Sapaad.Online to give you the flexibility and convenience of robust, secure digital payments.

3. Improved Sapaad.Online Experience

We’re continuously improving Sapaad.Online for enhanced stability and performance.

✔ We’ve updated the Sapaad.Online Settings flow requiring users to complete the first-time setup before being able to add Online Store advertisements.

✔ We’ve added sender ID to facilitate receiving OTPs for merchants in the United States.

✔ We’ve optimized several areas of Sapaad.Online to improve the menu refresh and loading, resulting in enhanced performance and efficiency, and a much-improved user experience.

✔ We’ve removed the menu button from the onboarding screen and fixed the blank screen error this issue has been causing.

✔ We’ve fixed a bug involving issues with default payment selection when Cash on Delivery option is disabled.

✔ A scenario where the Order Type selector screen is not being displayed accurately on Sapaad.Online has been fixed.

✔ A bug involving a missing Back button for brands having more than ten locations when viewing on mobile has been resolved.

Sapaad Performance Enhancements & Fixes

  • In the Delivery Manager tab, we’ve added a ‘Mark as Delivered’ button in the Order Details pop-up for specific payment options. We’ve also extended the order expiry time up to 48 hours.
  • In a specific Dine-In scenario, when a staff modifies an existing order and clicks on the Pay button without updating the bill, a pop-up alert will be displayed.
  • In scenarios where an order is modified while the device is offline, the system inaccurately identifies it as a new order. This has been resolved.
  • We’ve updated the payment interface and experience of Sapaad’s Android app. The ability to split the bill’s total amount to allow a combination of different payment types has also been implemented.
  • We’ve enhanced the user experience of Inventory by providing up to one year of historical inventory data. With this, you can have a detailed inventory report for key business insights.
  • A dedicated tab for Reports has been introduced to the Printer Settings for you to easily print your end-of-day restaurant Business Summary.
  • In Sapaad Connect, orders received from Talabat must be confirmed within the time frame of 14 minutes, which will otherwise result in the orders being automatically canceled.
  • We’ve optimized the menu sync function with Deliveroo to improve performance and further stabilize the integration.
  • We’ve updated Sapaad Direct to validate only the following image format files: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif. A maximum limit of three advertisements can also be uploaded for Sapaad Direct and Sapaad.Online.
  • In a rare scenario, tax values are interpreted as undefined which resulted in errors in order placements and Business Summary reports. This has been resolved.
  • A bug involving taxes not displaying in print for Tax exclusive accounts has been resolved.
  • We’ve resolved a bug where the Purchase Order preview is different from the PO generated and emailed to the supplier.
  • A scenario where hidden items from POS are also hidden from Sapaad.Online and Sapaad Direct has been fixed.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where prices are rounded off to two decimal places for countries having three decimal places. The system has been updated so that the total amount will be rounded off to three decimal places to avoid discrepancies in payment collection.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with Address Line 4 not being printed on invoices.
  • A bug involving customers still being able to use the Basic Modifiers has been resolved.
  • A bug that prevented grouped items from reflecting in a category list has been fixed.
  • A prefix modifier has been added to solve the Google Pay duplicate ID issue.
  • A bug for a specific scenario involving incorrectly earning loyalty points and customer loyalty reports has been resolved. A related bug where loyalty points are displayed on the invoice has also been fixed.
  • For the Talabat integration, we’ve updated the system to cache only completed orders.
  • A bug that displayed incomplete delivery addresses on Talabat order receipts has been fixed.
  • We’ve added a validation to ensure the zero prefix in customer contact numbers is reflected accurately.
  • We’ve optimized our integration with Zomato for enhanced stability and performance.
  • You can now link multiple Sapaad organizations into Xero and get a real-time view of their accounts all in one place.
  • An issue with sales data not syncing with Xero has been fixed.