Service Screens

Simplified QSR Management

Sapaad has dedicated service screens that let your staff effectively manage customers during peak hours. Sapaad's elegant dispatch screen and Token Display System (TDS) simplifies queue management and helps you serve your waiting customers in an organised way.

Service Screens

Works With Any Keypad

Sapaad’s service screen is compatible with any generic keyboard or keypad. Unlike a traditional POS, we’ve built Sapaad so that you don't need expensive proprietary accessories to control your service screen. Any off-the-shelf keypad works great with Sapaad.

Historic Orders

Simply hit ‘BackSpace’ to view historic orders. Sapaad gives you the convenience of a full-fledged service station… all running on a web browser.

Sapaad Tokenizer

Sapaad’s 'Token Manager' generates unique, short token numbers for every order. Tokens are printed visibly at the top of every customer bill.

When the food is ready, your staff can use Sapaad’s existing Kitchen Display System (KDS) as usual to mark the order ‘Ready’ for collection at the counter.

Sapaad's Token Display feature flashes the token number on a beautifully-designed page that you can mount on any high resolution screen above your counter. Your customers will instantly know when their food is ready.