Back Office

Total Inventory & Costing Control

Sapaad’s Inventory module brings a fresh, user-friendly take on the back office management of your restaurant business. Manage recipes and food costs with real-time feedback, build reorder levels for ingredients, keep tabs on every aspect of your inventory with phenomenal ease, raise purchase orders directly to your suppliers. Sapaad does instant consumption of stock as you sell, you can run stock takes on a tablet, transfer stock between locations with the click of a button, and more. Sapaad revolutionises inventory management!

Purchase Management

Manage suppliers, send POs directly to suppliers, generate POs based on reorder levels, receive goods against invoices, and more. No matter your restaurant’s purchasing model, Sapaad’s purchasing and supplier management tools have you covered.

Next Generation Stock Take

Say goodbye to excel sheets and reels of printed paper. Sapaad’s Stock Take module has been designed from ground up to work great on tablets as well as computer screens. Perform stock takes on the floor directly into the system using an elegant, simple interface that’ll have you blazing through your stocks in no time.

What's more, Sapaad automatically adjusts discrepancies between your counted and theoretical stock. No more manual stock reconciliation!

Single-click Stock Requests & Transfers

Move stock between locations with incredible ease! With just the click of a button, Sapaad lets you raise a request for inventory items from another location, as well as directly transfer items from your location to another.

Effective Waste Management

With Sapaad, you can effectively manage wastage at your restaurant, across various scenarios. Account for wastage of damaged and expired items, sub-recipe and recipe waste, as well as wastage due to cancellation of items and orders.

Recipe Management Simplified

Managing your recipes has never been easier! Sapaad allows you to build recipes in minutes with its super-easy-to-use 'Recipe Manager'. Add ingredients, create sub recipes, do batch production, tweak quantities, perfect your recipes.

Food Costing

Knowing your food costs is the key to keeping your business profitable! Your recipes instantly reflect your food costs (COGS) and you can tweak them to your heart’s content. Sapaad also has a global target food cost to ensure that your business is meeting your profitability targets.

Powerful Inventory Reporting

Sapaad’s inventory dashboard gives you powerful insights into your entire stock movement in real-time. View your LIVE stock on hand, track your COGS by location, keep an eye on low-running ingredients and finished goods, get a complete overview of your POs, and more! No more offline synchronization; monitor your latest stock status at any time knowing that it’s always up to date.

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