LIVE Business Dashboard

Sapaad’s powerful business dashboard gives you real-time, valuable insights into your restaurant’s performance at anytime.. from anywhere. Get LIVE updates of what's happening at your restaurant, analyse sales trends in your business, strategise your marketing efforts effectively, assess staff performance, and more. The dashboard uses a customisable widget system with super-easy-to-use controls.

Export and Print Reports

It’s easier than ever to get your business reports for offline use in the format of your choice. Simply export reports to a CSV file or have them printed. Analyse your business data, and make informed business decisions.

Customisable Layout

Prefer a different layout for your dashboard? You can easily rearrange and resize the widgets on your dashboard.

Any Date & Time Range

Monitor and analyse sales and marketing trends in your business across any specific date or time range. Want to know how many orders you received since noon? Or want to view your discounts from last month? Simply select your preferred range using the range selector on your dashboard, and the reports will reflect the corresponding data.