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Sapaad is phenomenally helping businesses worldwide. Don't just take our word for it.

Sapaad has changed the way I view my business ‐ now I am always connected to it, and I have full visibility of every area of my operations, from home delivery efficiency, to staff performance, to individual transactions. I think Cloud-based POS are the future! I’ve also found the support and response of the Sapaad team to be refreshing ‐ they are immediate and accommodating. I have since moved from a “big-name” POS to Sapaad.

Iqbal A Khan, Owner

We took one look at Sapaad and fell in love; now we’re ditching our expensive on-premise POS across our chain and migrating all our restaurants to Sapaad. We’re also able to build an affordable call-center into the business, something that was prohibitive earlier. The price is unbelievable for what we’re getting.

Jihad El Eit, CEO

Our Sapaad experience at Sumo Sushi & Bento has been amazing. Sapaad addressed the business challenges that we faced in the past. It covers all operational requirements of a restaurant POS, which has helped us a lot in our administration.
What first attracted us to Sapaad was the seamless implementation of their integrated call center module. It has really simplified our phone order management. With Sapaad, we love the fact that front office and back office operations are very easy to configure. And if we ever do require help, their Support team is extremely prompt and responsive.
Sapaad’s progress has been phenomenal since the day we signed up. The software is always evolving with new features and functionalities; I’m excited to see what’s in store.

Darami Coulter, Global Marketing & Communications Manager

At Wingsters, it was very important for us to have a system that gave us the ability to be more flexible and fluid in our business. That was the big decision-making factor that led us to sign up for Sapaad.
Everything about Sapaad is fantastic; the implementation is smooth. We use Sapaad in more than one device – in a laptop and iPad, which we are able to move around with for events and community ripe markets. My team find Sapaad very simple to use – be it backend configurations or front office operations.
Sapaad has given me the ability to have greater control and visibility over my business. One click on my screen and I instantly get a snapshot of where my business stands. I didn’t have this ability previously. This has empowered my business decisions; there’s simply no looking back.

Ahmed Hassan, Owner

We wanted a restaurant management system that would not just help us “run” our restaurant but also provide business intelligence to help make quick and effective strategic decisions.
Since we specialise in home deliveries, we found Sapaad’s ‘Delivery Manager’ to be a critical component. It has changed the way we manage our deliveries and has tremendously improved our delivery time. I love Sapaad’s ability to monitor and track home deliveries as they happen, all from a single screen.
Also, Sapaad’s support team is very professional. They are very prompt in the rare case I need any clarifications.

Antoine Rontiex, Co-Founder

We use every feature of Sapaad extensively across our entire chain. Sapaad has automated critical areas of our business and allows us to monitor operations centrally in real‐time. This gives us tremendous visibility, and our operations have really benefited. I would, without hesitation, recommend Sapaad.

Syed Mohammed Qadri, Chairman

Sapaad is a phenomenal improvement over our previous software. Our Call Agents love it and have vocally expressed how much easier to use it is. Sapaad has therefore resulted in an improvement in our service levels and our delivery times. We’ve rolled it out across all our branches, and even our franchisees are beginning to adopt it.

Farshad Abbaszadeh, CEO

As a rapidly growing brand, at Mandilicious we were looking for a call centre solution that would be convenient, centralised and cost-effective. After seeing a demo from Sapaad, we realised that we had found the right solution to fit our evolving needs. Even better, it co-existed perfectly with our existing systems, and took just a day or so to install in each of our restaurants. Thanks to Sapaad, we can now focus on growing our business to the next level, rather than thinking about IT.

Fayez Al Nusari, Founder and Managing Director

At Royal Kebab we pride ourselves on great food and quality service. And we strive ceaselessly to perfect our delivery process. We wanted a system that would bring everything together seamlessly, from calls, to the kitchen, to the delivery team. We also wanted to empower our staff to work smarter, and we wanted visibility into our business. Sapaad fit the bill. I was able to do the initial setup by myself in a few hours and test everything; amazing that you can do that with a POS. Sapaad’s dashboard gives us live updates on business performance anywhere anytime, and the delivery management module lets us monitor and improve our delivery process and incentivize our staff. The interface is modern and simple, and the call center module also frees us to centralize our call center at anytime.

Manan Mistry, Proprietor

Sapaad is the perfect solution for UAE-based entrepreneurs! It is cost-effective and scalable, and its easy-to-use dashboard enables small business owners to track and manage their daily operations from anywhere in the world. Sapaad is mobile-friendly and user-friendly, so everyone on the team from all different backgrounds are able to use the system easily. Sapaad’s integrated inventory system and delivery tracking module makes it a perfect comprehensive solution for any start-up restaurant, at the right price. If you ever run into an issue or have questions, their friendly customer service team are quick to respond with a solution.

Justine Corrado, Managing Partner

At Hot Brands, we own several brands, each with multiple locations. Having a dependable, reliable POS and technology partner is critical to running a smooth operation.
Sapaad has really made a difference and eased our jobs. Everything is online and instantaneous. In the two years and counting that we’ve been using Sapaad, we have had a remarkable uptime record. We also find Sapaad’s Support great. They handle all our requests promptly and are extremely responsive and helpful, even when dealing with ‘last minute’ requests.
We are happy with Sapaad and our move to a cloud-based solution; there’s simply no looking back.

Sangamesh J., IT Manager

At Kebab Bistro, we believe in quality and authenticity, in the food we offer and in the way we operate our business. It was very important to us that we pick a POS that helps us stay connected to our business and be in control of the quality of our operations.
Sapaad’s dashboard  gives me a complete overview of my restaurant’s sales anytime I want, even remotely; great for keeping tabs on what’s happening. The Sales Summary report is particularly impressive. I can access information on total revenue, discounts, category-wise sales, and even monitor my staff’s individual performance. There is practically no after sales service required at all once you are on with it. In spite of that, if there is any occasional clarification required, their help line is very prompt and courteous. Overall, Sapaad has been extremely smooth and effective; I can totally vouch for it.

Oofrish Contractor, Owner

Moti Roti started out as a food truck; it wasn’t a traditional brick and mortar place. I needed a system that was flexible and light; where I don’t need to carry around a tonne of equipment. Sapaad was the right solution.
Sapaad is robust and super modern. My staff can just pick up a tablet, go to an event, plug in and start business. You don’t get that in a lot of point of sales. We can even work offline, because sometimes we don’t have internet access during events, and that is crucial to staying operational.
It also helps to pay just a rolling fee and not a massive investment for hardware and someone to come in and program it. I’ve recommended Sapaad to several other homegrown restaurants.

Tahir Shah, Owner

Sapaad is the perfect comprehensive solution for retail F&B. It covers all modules that are essential in a restaurant point of sale. The ease of use is phenomenal. It can be handled very easily by my staff.
One of the main features of Sapaad that we were attracted to was the integrated online ordering module. The fact that by simply adding a code to our website, we were able to develop our own online ordering operations. This feature, along with the home delivery management system has incredibly helped our business. Sapaad’s SMS and Loyalty program features are great business-boosters as well. Overall, we are very happy with the system.

Yann Jolivet, Owner

Sapaad has revolutionised our customer engagement. At Zen, we have more than 10,000 customers and each time a customer calls, thanks to Sapaad, we know them by name, we know their order history and favourites items.
Sapaad has a fantastic ease of use. All of my staff can handle the software effortlessly. I have the ability to operate the online ordering module even when I’m home; one click on my tablet and the orders print directly at my restaurant.
With Sapaad, I have instant access to critical sales information and several business insights. This has helped me make informed business decisions in our year-round assessments. It has given me the ability to strategise our marketing efforts more effectively. I would blindly recommend Sapaad to other business owners.

Nicky Ramchandani, Owner

We take our food truck to various events across the country, and we were looking for a system that would work great for mobile businesses. We didn’t want to be strapped to wires and heavy equipment. We gave Sapaad a try, and what we love about it, is that we can just arrive at an event, simply connect our laptop to the internet, and we’re instantly ready for business.

Dana Al Sharif, Co-Founder

Sapaad has honestly been a huge help to my business. As I’m usually driving business opportunities and not present at events, Sapaad helps me easily manage everything, from analysis to inventory, all from my phone! Also, as we are now expanding into multiple operations, it’s amazing how easy it is to keep tabs of everything, from a single application.

Salmaan Asgher, Co-Founder

At Pollo Pollo, we’re driven by passion and believe in serving quality to our customers. It was very important for us to get the right technology to help us achieve our commitment to quality. We’re very happy we found Sapaad. The implementation went without a hitch. Sapaad has a great interface and the ease of use is fantastic. We’re also happy with Sapaad’s professionalism and support. I’ve introduced Sapaad to many other restaurant owners.

Ali Sidani, CEO and Founder

As our business developed, we researched POS tech providers who could provide a comprehensive solution to fit our unique operations. We found Sapaad to best complement our meal plans and our day-to-day operational requirements. We can easily set up our custom meal plans in Sapaad and schedule it for weekly or monthly. Meals are auto-printed in the kitchen on the day and prepared fresh.

Sapaad provides easy access to monitoring our sales and revenue with live reports. We love that we can identify sales trends in our business, at a glance!

Nicola Cooper, Founder

We chose Sapaad because we were unhappy with our traditional POS and wanted to move to an online system. Compared to other POS systems, there’s no competition. Sapaad has so many attractive features, such as your own online ordering channel and a comprehensive inventory module, that it was an easy choice to make. With Sapaad’s LIVE detailed reporting, I can keep track of my business in real time! But aside from that, I love how accommodating their customer support is. They’re so open to customer requests and really do everything to improve our experience.

Bahij Aljabar, Owner

We use Sapaad for the POS, loyalty program, and inventory. Sapaad has completely changed how we managed our inventory. Before Sapaad, sending purchase orders was a cumbersome process. If we saw that our stock was running low, we’d have to open our email to send a purchase order to our suppliers. With that system, we could easily receive the wrong order because of miscommunication, oversight, or human error. When we switched to Sapaad, we were thrilled to see that we could email suppliers directly from the system. We could even submit recipes for each our our items to get live updates of our stock. If we see that certain ingredients are running low, we can select them, pick which supplier we wanted to order from, and send an email to all of them with just a few clicks! It made the process much faster and much more efficient.

Thomaz Clozel, Operations Manager

Decision making has been a breeze thanks to the real-time analytics of the Dashboard! No matter where I am, I’m able to see the performance of my menu items and staff in a comprehensive manner. We also love the Build Your Own feature! As Bowlful targets health conscious customers who may have several individual preferences, this addition brings a new side to our menu and we’re able to cater to every request. Sapaad is great and incredibly user-friendly. But, if we have any issues, we can always rely on their 24/7 support team who are experts on the product. Overall, Sapaad has made my business painless.

Naz Askari, Owner

We love how easy Sapaad makes it to manage multiple restaurants! We had a bad experience with our previous POS because it just couldn’t keep up with our needs. But, with Sapaad, we have a centralized view of all our branches in just one account! Because it’s cloud-based, we can keep track and manage all our restaurants with just one system!

Hasan Matouk, Restaurant Manager

There are so many ways you can customize your Sapaad account that it could really adapt to every business model. We love using Sapaad for our online delivery orders. Its interface is simple and a dream to use—anyone will be able to understand it! Plus, since it’s a cloud-based system, we can manage all our branches with just one account! I would highly recommend every restaurant business to use Sapaad in their operations.

Vignesh Balakrishnan, IT Manager

Sapaad is a dream to use! I was unhappy with the POS software we were using previously and researched hundreds before I found Sapaad and signed up for the free demo. It seemed to have pretty much everything I was looking for. We use it for table management, cash register, printing bar, kitchen and customer tickets, reporting on sales and inventory. It’s cloud based so it’s much easier for the staff to work with. Our old system had to be loaded on every POS and device—it was a pain. It’s so easy to see exactly what’s going on at the restaurant if we aren’t there. We really like that. On other systems the “remote” login is only for viewing stats or things, not full on.

In addition to that, Sapaad’s customer service is top notch. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about any company. They get back with useful and relevant information always less than 12 hours and they’ve even made some changes that we’ve asked for. As far as a feature, I’d have to say that the ease of seeing our sales history and which products are moving the best (or worst) is probably my favorite feature. Before, I’d have to export all the data and then import it into Excel and run it through a system I had created. But now, I’m able to monitor my business in real-time—I can even do it from my phone while on the train!

Chad Gustafson, Co-Owner

We needed to find a robust and modern POS system that would complement our restaurant operations and Sapaad was a perfect choice. We use it for all of our events since, while it’s jam-packed with so many features, it still manages to stay simple and easy-to-use.

Mohammed Ebrahim, IT Manager

We run our entire delivery and online ordering operations with Sapaad and it has been significant in streamlining our operations right from setting up a central call center and building a master CRM for all our 23 locations. They also have a strong support team on ground and take ownership of what they do. Any problem is resolved within a matter of minutes.

Shafeer Ahamed, IT Executive

Sapaad is an end-to-end solution for a POS system. We have various different brands and Sapaad is our go-to POS system for all 20 outlets. It gives us consistency across all our brands which makes it easy to manage. Sapaad’s support structure is good. They recently conducted training for all our staff from all our brands. Their team is really easy to work with and seem to appreciate their customers.

Thariq Kamaludheen, IT Manager

Sapaad is an excellent system with phenomenal customer service. The software is easy to understand even if you don’t have any prior POS tech experience—it’s as simple as using a smartphone! The support team really takes ownership and guides you through setup and use. We rarely have any issue but if we do, we can always depend on them to help us out.

Mohammaed Rizwan, IT Executive

Sapaad is always improving with amazing features that help streamline our operations. The nature of the application is so easy to use and can be picked up by people of all backgrounds. No proper training is required to adapt to Sapaad in your business. Through the LIVE Business Dashboard, we’re able to access all the reports required to analyze and forecast sales. This has helped us make informed business decisions. Overall, it’s pretty good. We are very happy with it.

Khaja Moideen, IT Executive

Sapaad is a great addition to our restaurant operations. It’s practical, easy to use, and accessible from any device. Sapaad has been incredibly effective in helping us visualize our business performance and stay connected to our business on the go. What I like most is the customer support and it’s truly one of their biggest advantages. They’re always available and helpful and hands-on with assisting when required. After-service is super important for businesses like ours. There are similar products and systems out there, but Sapaad’s customer service gives them an upper hand over the competition.

Zakarya Zak, Partner

Sapaad has been the easiest POS system we’ve ever worked with. We were actually able to set it up ourselves! It’s that simple yet very powerful. We love the rich reporting the LIVE Business Dashboards give us. We can see the status of our restaurant—from bestsellers to top customers to staff performance—in real-time and at a glance! Overall, we’re very happy with the software.

Ahmed Salahudheen, IT Executive

Sapaad has been wonderful with driving sales at our restaurant. We love how comprehensive the Dashboard reports are as it helps us make effective business decisions. We can always rely on the support team to solve any issues or queries that we have in a prompt manner. We’ve seen an estimated 60-70% business growth thanks to Sapaad.

Jeevan Nair, Restaurant Manager

Yuki No Hana is a Japanese dessert concept. We currently have one outlet. We focus on delivering the highest quality desserts and service. As a business owner, accuracy is key to my restaurants’ success. With Sapaad, I like the accuracy and that all my business information is online and up-to-date.

Sapaad’s dashboard and detailed reports give me LIVE insights on my restaurant performance that have helped me in streamlining my operations and decision making. I can view my menu top sellers, staff performance, sales and so on. I can access my reports from anywhere as it is online.

I am pleased with the current features and functionalities in Sapaad since it has everything I need for my restaurant business. Overall, I would recommend Sapaad for restaurant businesses looking for a comprehensive restaurant management solution.

AbdulHakim Qaed, Owner

Coastline is currently running eight operations in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). We cater to all the staff, employees, and students at the university. Therefore, we need to ensure that all our customers get the best experience. Using Sapaad to manage our operations is seamless as it is web-based, user-friendly, and live. Using the walk-in and dine-in module has never been easier. Splitting bills was a big issue for us in the past. But now, all we have to do is tap the Split Bill button and it’s done! Seamless and simple from setup to use.

Awais Ali, IT Supervisor

One word: Brilliant! The system is fully integrated and the interface is very user-friendly. We have multiple outlets of Dia’s in KAUST, and providing our customers with excellent quality is the secret to our success. With Sapaad, I can keep track of the business performance of all my outlets in real-time from a single administration. Sapaad’s consolidated sales and marketing dashboard helps monitor sales trends and compare the operations of our different outlets to strategize my business decisions accordingly. Using Sapaad makes running Dia’s effortless.

Suhayb Beig, Finance Manager

We haven’t found any other Cloud POS that works for us as well as Sapaad does. Sapaad’s user interface is really simple to learn and use. Plus, we love that we can get setup and support from anywhere. We operate a unique outlet with Sapaad, offering pre-prepared meals to go. This outlet does not have a kitchen, purely relying on stock transfers from our central kitchen. Sapaad’s Inventory Management has helped us with this unique business model with simple and accurate stock transfers. We get in-depth and accurate reports that we can filter by product, employee, and more. All these insights help us make decisions to maneuver our company in the right direction.

Abdullateef Alsumait, Owner

Sapaad’s CRM is extremely user-friendly. It gives us great tools and insights into customer information that makes customer engagement a lot more effortless. Sapaad also has excellent cloud printing network that automatically detects the customer’s location based on their information and prints the order at our nearest branch. Overall, we’re very happy with the software and would highly recommend Sapaad to every restaurant.

Siljo J., IT Executive

We’ve been using Sapaad for a little over a year after switching from our very old legacy POS system. Sapaad allowed us to easily upgrade to modern functions like table-side ordering, LIVE sales reports, and lots more. It’s incredibly affordable and offers a seamless experience from sign-up to use. It has a straightforward interface that lets us keep tabs on our operations and, as a cloud-based system, gives us flexibility to access reports no matter where we are.

Jeremy Reynolds, Owner

We learned about Sapaad through a recommendation. We love that it’s a cloud-based application since we’re able to keep track of our business whether we’re at the cafe or at home. Sapaad is incredibly affordable, easy to set up and use, and jam-packed with powerful features—the perfect POS for new businesses. But what really puts Sapaad above the rest is its phenomenal customer service. The support team is always very quick in thoroughly answering any queries that we have.

Vincent Lee, Owner

The Tea Club is committed to delivering the highest quality of service and ingredients. Being up-to-date with the restaurant’s operations is key to our success. This is why we use Sapaad to keep track of all our restaurant operations using the Business Summary report. This report has all the information that we need on a daily basis such as Total COGS and Wastage. Sapaad’s reports are detailed and give us extensive information on our everyday operations that we can relay to our Accounting team.

What we also like about Sapaad is its ease of use. There is nothing I would change as it works so effortlessly. Should we encounter any difficulties, we can always turn to Sapaad’s in-app Knowledge Base. These are only a few reasons as to why we enjoy using Sapaad.

Ahmad Al Tuwaijri, Owner

Sapaad’s comprehensive inventory module is like no other POS system in the market. The inventory reporting, in particular, gives great visibility to our back office. With powerful reports such as Stock on Hand, Wastage Costs, and Top Profitable Items, we get an at-a-glance look at our operations and can easily stay on top of our restaurant’s profitability.

Jose Maliakal, Finance Head

We love using Sapaad for its easy-to-use interface and insightful reports that can be accessed anywhere. Any restaurant owner is aware of how complicated inventory can be but, with Sapaad, we are able to manage it with ease. We were even able to figure out the Inventory module on our own! We’re excited to explore other features and overall, we would definitely recommend it to any restaurant.

Fadhel Alrabiah, Owner

A friend spoke very highly of Sapaad so we decided to give it a try—and we’re glad we did! Sapaad has been great with helping us manage our four branches. We can set up and manage the inventory across all branches, view generated reports, and oversee our operations wherever we are! The latter is particularly wonderful given that one of our partners is all the way from Hungary. Sapaad’s interface is visually appealing and their support team is always helpful. We wouldn’t change a thing about Sapaad and we’re excited to use it for our upcoming branches!

Mansoor Ali, Accounting Manager

We were looking for a cloud-based POS system and Sapaad was recommended by a close friend. We instantly fell in love with the software and used it in all of our locations. Sapaad’s multiple reports—such as Top Selling Items, Sales by Location, and Hourly Breakdown—made it incredibly easy to decide on the next steps of our restaurant. Plus, since it’s cloud-based, I can stay up to date and make decisions even when I’m on holiday! The support team is incredibly helpful and, regardless of what time we message them, they always get back to us in a timely manner. Overall, we’re very impressed with the simplicity and ease-of-use of the system and will continue to use it for our operations.

Yousef Ghareeb, Owner

Sapaad is so simple and easy to use; our staff members were able to understand and get it up and running very quickly. We love that we can check Dashboard reports anywhere, be it from our phones or laptops. The reports are extensive and very clear so we don’t waste time trying to decipher it and can instantly extract information to make informed business decisions. The system is perfect for us and our only wish is that we had known about its many features and add-ons sooner.

Islam Eid, IT Manager

Getting started with Sapaad was so simple! We just opened a browser, created an account, and started using it. We run multiple brands under our company and we put great emphasis on delivery. Scheduling for future deliveries is such an awesome feature that really eased our operations. Sapaad also enabled us to centralize our call center, simplify location assignment to drivers, and track each driver’s performance. Using Sapaad drove down customer waiting time tremendously and I would definitely recommend it to other restaurants.

Kevin Roque, IT

As we cater to weddings and big events, we have very specific needs. Thankfully, Sapaad is able to meet every single one of them which smoothens our entire operations! As a catering company, we receive a lot of calls from customers who want to avail our service in the future. That’s why the Scheduled Orders and Call Center features have been a lifesaver! With these two, we are able to record every request and see all future events on one screen. This definitely puts Sapaad at a competitive advantage over other POS companies!

Abdulaziz Saud, Owner

Switching to another POS system for F&B business owners who want to focus only on providing quality food and maintaining consistency is always disruptive and scary. The final straw to make me change my POS was when I realized that Sapaad, with its integrations with online food ordering platforms and accounting softwares, would help me save MANY man-hours in the back office and ensure everything in my accounting tallies. In Sapaad, everything is instantaneous and reflects properly! The system is very easy to use and the transition has been really smooth.

A big thank you to the support team as the service provided has been stellar. From deployment to support – all responses have been prompt and quick to make sure I am ready to go live. It’s a breath of fresh air to know that there is a passionate POS company in our F&B business who would go above and beyond for our success.

Ho Zan Wei, Owner