December 10, 2019

Unmatched Value, Unlimited Growth: Presenting Sapaad’s All-New Unlimited Plans!

We’re excited to announce that Sapaad now has pay-per-outlet, monthly and annual subscriptions, an unlimited customer database, unlimited users, and lots more.

All-New Sapaad Experience

Through the years, we’ve kept up with the growing needs of our customers by placing significant importance on the support and services we offer. We’ve developed some amazing features — from Sapaad Loyalty to Sapaad KDS 2.0 — to evolve from a point-of-sale to a complete restaurant management solution for all business types.

The F&B industry has gone through some incredible changes recently and with it your restaurant needs. We’ve seen how our global customers use Sapaad, which is why we’ve redesigned our subscription experience to address this shift and to give you more flexibility with your Sapaad account.

Exciting New Enhancements

The evolved subscription experience comes with many advanced features, including pay-per-outlet, monthly and annual subscriptions, a reimagined CRM plan, unlimited users, unlimited devices, unlimited menu items, and lots more.


Our previous subscription model consisted of plans based on the number of outlets. Now, we’ve introduced pay-per-outlet, which allows you to pay only for the number of outlets you have. Should you open a new outlet, you can easily add it to your subscription with just a few clicks.

Reimagined CRM Plan 

The new subscription experience comes with a much-awaited feature: an unlimited customer database. Our new CRM is no longer priced by the number of customers in your database but by the number of outlets you have. Whether you have 1 outlet or 20, you can take advantage of a CRM your restaurant won’t outgrow with lifetime access to valuable insights such as customer profiles, order history, and preferences.

Monthly & Annual Subscriptions

We’ve also added the option to choose between monthly or annual billing to give you more flexibility and control with your payment schedule. If you switch to an annual subscription, you’ll get one month of Sapaad absolutely free. In other words, you can enjoy Sapaad for 12 months for the price of 11.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Menu Items, Unlimited Devices

As with the old experience, the new subscription experience lets you use Sapaad with no device licensing restrictions or menu item limits. You’ll be able to use as many devices as you want — laptops or tablets — and add just as many items to your menu. The new subscription experience also comes with the inclusion of unlimited users, so you can run your restaurant business exactly how you want to.

Have questions?

Want to see how Sapaad can work for your restaurant business? Book a demo with one of our Product Specialists. If you have additional questions, drop us a message at We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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