Sapaad & Tally, better together.

Get your sales data in Sapaad posted directly into Tally.

With Sapaad + Tally integration, you can sync your daily sales and manage your back-office accounting with incredible ease. Save time, improve accuracy and get a better overview of your finances.

The best part, it's as simple and seamless as everything you integrate with Sapaad.

Sapaad & Tally Integration Made Easy

Integrate with ease

Integrating your Sapaad account to Tally is quick and easy; all it takes is two minutes. Simply download and install the “Sapaad Tally Adapter” on your computer and you're up and running.

Sync your daily sales

Sapaad automatically posts your daily sales by payment types to your Tally ledgers at a time of your choice. No more manual data entry, no human error.