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Fast & Secure Biometric Log-in for Restaurant POS

No need for usernames, passwords, or swipe cards. Track and secure POS access using fingerprint authentication.


Instantaneous POS
Access at Your Fingertips

Sapaad Biometrics is a time-saving application that allows registered users to log in to Sapaad POS via fingerprint scanning.

  • State-of-the-art biometric scanner technology
  • Quick and easy one-time setup
  • Available with any Sapaad subscription

Ensure Secure
On-premise Log-in

  • Install Sapaad Biometrics on your POS device and register your fingerprint scanner
  • Enroll user fingerprints and assign employee access per location
  • Secure your business instantly from unauthorized remote access

Secure Your POS Data With Sapaad Biometrics

Adding Sapaad Biometrics to your Sapaad POS subscription protects your business from unauthorized access and data tampering.

  • Protect your restaurant from fraud and information theft with uniquely assigned access devices
  • Log employee working hours accurately and eliminate potential buddy punching
  • Save on replacement costs associated with swipe cards and card readers for POS access

Get Sapaad Biometrics for your POS

Experience fast, convenient, and secure POS access.
Sapaad Biometrics is available for Windows 7+