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With Sapaad Connect, you can manage all your online orders from leading food ordering apps on a single platform.

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Seamless integration with leading food ordering platforms & delivery partners

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Simplify your operations

One-click menu sync

Manage your menus on your online partner stores with incredible ease. Simply select which items to sell from right within Sapaad and hit 'Sync'.

Item out of stock? New discounts available? Update your menu and see changes go live on food delivery apps within seconds.

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straight from store

Straight from stores, into your POS

With Sapaad Connect, you no longer need multiple devices to receive orders from food delivery apps. Online orders are sent straight into Sapaad POS and to your kitchen (KDS) — no manual entry; no human error.

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LIVE multi-channel analytics

Get real-time insights into all your order channels — walk-in, dine-in, home delivery, and food ordering platforms — from one place. Sapaad Connect consolidates your order data into detailed sales reports on Sapaad’s powerful business dashboard.

Monitor and compare in-house and partner revenue flow, identify trends, and make informed business decisions, anytime, anywhere.

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streamline deliveries

Streamline your online deliveries

Sapaad Connect seamlessly integrates with leading delivery partners so that your food can reach your customers on time, every time.

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