Your own online
ordering channel,
your own revenue.

All-in-one POS & Online Ordering solution.

Starting an online ordering channel for your restaurant business is now super easy. Sapaad.Online gives you an entire online ordering experience with a single click. Get direct online orders from your website, Facebook, and Instagram — commission-free! Take control of your online revenue today!

  • Fully Integrated

    Sapaad.Online is fully integrated with Sapaad Cloud POS. When a customer places an order online on your website, Facebook, or Instagram, it is sent directly to Sapaad – no manual punch-in required. What's more, online ordering customers are added directly to your Sapaad CRM. It's that seamless!

  • Super Responsive – Works on any device

    We've built Sapaad.Online to operate perfectly on all kinds of devices, operating systems, browsers and resolutions. Your customers can visit your website or social media platforms and place orders from their mobiles, tablets or laptops with ease. With Sapaad.Online, your target audience is unlimited; broaden your ordering channel instantly.

One-click activation;
have your online channel up in minutes

With Sapaad.Online, you don't need developers, designers, web-hosting, and IT consultants. Sapaad.Online gets you up and selling in minutes.

Once you've activated Sapaad.Online, we've made it easy to get up and running quickly. Imagine your own world-class online ordering store in minutes — you don't need an arduous web development cycle that takes months. Simply configure your store in 4 easy steps, and you're ready to start taking orders and increasing your revenue via a brilliant, best-in-class branded store.

Sapaad.Online gives you the option to have custom domains. You don't need to embed scripts or frames into your website; instead, run your store at a custom sub-domain of your choice within your own domain. Say your restaurant's website is, you can have your store at

Sapaad.Online knows when you're open for orders! Configure your store with your opening and closing hours and Sapaad.Online will intelligently display the appropriate message to your visitors, informing them when they can next place an order.

Want to take orders while you're closed? Your customers can still place orders; they will be informed that the orders will be prepared and delivered when the store is next open.

With Sapaad.Online, your customers can easily pre-order from your online store for pick up or delivery at their convenience. Whether it's pre-ordering lunch the night before or scheduling meal plans for the week, your customers will love the convenience and flexibility of scheduled orders. Plus, you can easily forecast sales and inventory accordingly.

How long does it usually take for you to deliver orders to your customers? With Sapaad.Online, configure default ETAs for your delivery so that customers will know when to expect their food.

The expected delivery time will be intelligently displayed to your customers after they place an order, allowing them to track orders. And in situations where you need more time to deliver (traffic or backlog), you can override the ETA for every order to set your customer's expectation correctly.

Want to ensure that your staff operate to pre-defined, industry-standard Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Sapaad.Online lets you set deadlines for your staff to acknowledge and act on incoming online orders. This ensures that your customers' orders are processed in a timely manner and with urgency, thus driving service improvement across your fulfillment process.

Although Sapaad.Online lets you display a single ordering portal for your brand, you can manage each of your locations' menus independently. You can even schedule different menu categories and discounts that you offer such as “Breakfast” or “Buy 1 Take 1 Tuesdays”. Your online store intelligently picks the right menu to display to your customers based on the customer's delivery area.

This allows you to manage each locations' menus, discounts, and announcements separately, giving you a powerful new paradigm of store management.

Sapaad.Online helps you focus on what's important — building your online business and increasing your revenue.

To do this, we've built a phenomenal, best-in-class store that offers a delightful ordering channel to your customers. Using our years of design experience, we've designed layouts and handpicked fonts to ensure that your customers will love ordering from your store. Sapaad.Online also lets you customize your store to reflect your branding. Your very own store, now built on a world-class experience.

Business-boosting marketing levers

With Sapaad.Online, you can market your own online channel, give your customers a world-class experience, and have them coming back for more. We've built Sapaad.Online with incredibly high usability standards so that your customers will enjoy ordering from you — whether through your website or social media platforms.

Facebook Ordering

Open a new revenue channel for your restaurant — absolutely FREE! Publish your online store to Facebook and get orders directly into Sapaad in just a few clicks. You can even share your online ordering store through Facebook Messenger by setting up automated responses — easily converting visitors into customers.

Instagram Ordering

Maximize your digital reach and effectively leverage your Instagram profile by opening a new revenue channel for your business — no costs, no commission. By adding your online store to your Instagram profile, visitors can go from simply browsing your profile to placing orders within a few clicks or taps — reach customers wherever they are on the web.

Popular Items

Strategically target the right mix of items from your menu by positioning them at the top of your store. Use Sapaad's powerful dashboard to determine your bestselling and most profitable menu items, and highlight them to improve revenue. Tell your customers what they should be ordering.


Sapaad.Online features an in-built loyalty program that lets you offer your customers seamless and elegant cashback-based loyalty. It's easy to set up and a delight for your customers to use; they get real-time visibility of their loyalty earnings and can easily redeem points when placing orders from your website or social media channels.

Marketing Messages

Display targeted, powerful marketing messages and announcements to your customers directly on your store — whether on web or mobile. A great way to reach out to your target audience and push your latest deals and discounts to increase conversions.

A brilliant checkout experience

We've designed a simple 2-step checkout process that makes it phenomenally easy for your customers to browse your menu and place orders through your website, Facebook, or Instagram. With Sapaad.Online, your customers can select items, customize their food, fill their cart, register via mobile or email, enter their delivery address or opt for pick up, pay online and place their order all in a single seamless flow.

Customize your choices

With Sapaad.Online, your customers can customize their food using an incredibly easy modifier system that you can configure from within Sapaad. Offer combos, choices, and even build-your-own menus. Your customers will be spoilt for choice... and loving it.

Online payments & more!

Give your customers a choice of payment methods — Cash on Delivery, Swipe on Delivery, and Online Payments. We've teamed up with select payment gateways to choose from that have their footprint all over the world. Give your customers the convenience of robust, secure online payment options.

Fulfillment and Delivery Management

Sapaad.Online not only gives your customers an incredible online channel, it completes the experience by giving you the tools to manage fulfillment and delivery in a brilliant transparent process that will delight your customers.

Integrated with Sapaad KDS 2.0

Sapaad.Online is fully integrated with Sapaad KDS 2.0, our next-generation kitchen display system. Sapaad KDS 2.0 intelligently splits Sapaad.Online orders by menu category to display items at predefined kitchen stations. Once completed, they are seamlessly routed to Sapaad’s Delivery Manager. No manual intervention required!

Expected Arrival Time!

With Sapaad.Online, you can set up ETAs for your deliveries so that your customers know when to expect their food. The expected delivery time will be displayed to your customers after they place an order, and will intelligently be updated in real-time during the order fulfillment and delivery process.

Order Tracking

Your customers can conveniently track their orders at every stage. Sapaad.Online automatically updates this information from the 'Delivery Manager' at your restaurant. Now no more follow up calls to know if the food has left your restaurant. Your customers can track orders right from their mobiles or laptops. They’ll love the convenience!

Delivery Manager & Driver's Assistant

Sapaad.Online is seamlessly integrated with Sapaad's gold standard ‘Delivery Manager’ and ‘Delivery Assistant’. You can monitor every stage of the order process in real-time from Sapaad's Delivery Manager, while your delivery drivers can stay on top of deliveries with the awesome Delivery Assistant mobile app in Sapaad.