Your Kitchen, Redefined

Stay on top of your kitchen’s workflow by ensuring a seamless journey from order placement to fulfilment. Sapaad KDS 2.0 simplifies kitchen communications and processes to improve efficiency, food quality, and speed of service. Digitize your kitchen and be part of the paperless initiative; say goodbye to physical kitchen printers and human error.

Your Kitchen Operations at a Glance

Kitchen Prep Screen

Improve kitchen efficiency by having orders routed, by menu category, to predefined kitchen stations so your chefs prepare orders accurately the first time.

Expedite Screen

Track item completion across kitchen stations with an overview of order tickets to guarantee quick order fulfilment of prepared items.

Kitchen Aid

Gain powerful insights and summaries of your kitchen’s overall performance for your kitchen staff to better assess the needs of service in real time.

Dynamic Controls

All-Round Integration

Sapaad KDS 2.0 is fully integrated with Sapaad Cloud POS. It supports all order types—walk-in, dine-in, online, and delivery—to manage your operations effectively. Orders are automatically routed to your Kitchen Prep Screens, eliminating the risk of missed or incorrect orders.

Device Agnostic

Sapaad KDS 2.0 supports both touch and bump interface, and works on any OS, resolution, screen size, or device. Gain maximum flexibility in busy and high-stress kitchen environments, whether you have a tablet, monitor, or large screen TV. No proprietary hardware; controlled deployment costs.

Systemized Stations

Set up multiple kitchen stations based on the needs of your operations. Sapaad KDS 2.0 intelligently splits orders by menu category to display items at predefined kitchen stations. This ensures operational efficiency and enhances communication between your kitchen staff.

Item-Level Bumping

Sapaad KDS 2.0 allows your chefs to bump off each item once it’s prepared with a single click or tap, enabling easy and effective tracking of item completion.

Customized to your Needs

Sapaad KDS 2.0 is built with gold-standard design sensibilities and user experience. Customize the font and ticket sizes in real time for better visibility and readability for your kitchen conditions and chef requirements. Select between light and dark mode as your default interface style for either ambient or aesthetic purposes.

No. of Rows
Brooklyn Branch
Call Center #00009283333
  • Starters
  • 1xDynamite Shrimp
  • 1xCalamari
  • Mains
  • 1xRibeye Steak
  • 1xMashed Potato
Table 12 #00009283334
  • Starters
  • 1xZak's Red Chili
  • 1xBoneless Buffalo Wings
  • Steaks
  • 1xNew York Strips
  • 1xBone-In Ribeye
Walk-In #00009283335
  • Appetizer
  • 1xCalamari
  • Main Course
  • 1xDallas Fillet

Extra Sauce for Fillet
Table 6 #00009283336
  • Appetizer
  • 1xFried Pickles
  • 1xCheese Fries
  • Main Course
  • 1xPrime Rib
  • -Pepper Sauce
Zomato #00009283337
  • Appetizer
  • 1xRattlesnake Bites
  • 2xTater Skins
  • 1xZak's Red Chili
  • 1xKiller Ribs
  • Main Course
  • 1xFillet Medallions
- - - Continued - - -
  • 1xPortobello Mushroom Chicken
  • Beverages
  • 1xJamaican Cowboy
  • 1xBrewed Iced Tea
  • 1xSangria Red

Better Management, Better Service

Dynamic Visual Cues

With cool interactions and visual cues, cancellations, notes, and modifications are visible at a glance. Tickets display order waiting time for your kitchen staff to track their progress. Tend to the needs of your customers and guarantee a satisfying dining experience.

Regulated Kitchen Performance

Set up SLAs for each kitchen station and track how long your staff takes to complete an order. If a ticket fulfilment time exceeds its SLA, it will automatically turn red, facilitating an SLA-driven kitchen performance. Accidentally bump off a ticket? Easily restore it with the Past Orders Screen, ensuring that food is prepared in an efficient and timely manner.

LIVE Kitchen Workflow Overview

The Kitchen Aid offers your kitchen manager and executive chefs a high-level summary snapshot of your kitchen workflow. Gain visibility with powerful insights such as item summary, bestselling items, hourly orders, average prep time, and station efficiency. This not only lets you keep track of service but also gives you the ability to identify and address operational bottlenecks in real time.

Brilliant Order Fulfilment

Expedite Screen

The elegant Expedite Screen displays order tickets and indicates when all items have been bumped off their respective Prep Screens brilliantly. Close the gap between your Front-of-House and kitchen to improve your service and ensure that your customers enjoy a remarkable dining experience.

Delivery Manager

Sapaad KDS 2.0 is fully integrated with Sapaad’s Delivery Manager to optimize your delivery operations. Once delivery orders are bumped off the Kitchen Prep Screen, they are seamlessly routed to the Delivery Manager. No manual intervention required.

Token Screen

Sapaad KDS 2.0 is seamlessly integrated with Sapaad’s Token Screen. Once all items have been bumped off the kitchen stations, the token number instantly flashes on Sapaad’s Token Screen, notifying your waiting customers. Great for quick and easy service!