Elegant. Powerful. User-Friendly.

At the heart of Sapaad, is an elegant, powerful Point Of Sale (POS). Sapaad’s POS is built with incredibly high usability standards, designed to help you easily and instantly serve your customers — be it walk-in, dine-in, take-away, or home delivery orders.

Easy & Reliable

We've designed Sapaad’s POS interface to be a pleasure to use — on a desktop, laptop or a touch-screen tablet. Browse your menu categories, add items to the bill, and place an order with a just few clicks or taps. Or use the quick search feature to rapidly find menu items and add them to the order.

With ‘Modifiers', you can easily add customer preferences such as "less spicy", "extra cheese". Sapaad was built from ground up to be user-friendly, and to make taking orders a delight.

Everything you need.. and more!

Sapaad lets you add notes and discounts, configure taxes and surcharges, create multi-lingual menu and invoices, and a whole lot more. We’ve built Sapaad to adapt to different business scenarios so that it fits your restaurant, regardless of size, scale, cuisine or country.

Multi-location Friendly

Sapaad was built from ground up to support multiple locations. You can assign staff to different locations, configure the menu and take orders for any location, all from a single administration. Sapaad liberates you to do things that are impossible with a traditional POS. Want a central call center for multiple locations? Sapaad has you covered!

Offline Mode

No internet? No problem! Sapaad’s 'Offline Mode' lets you continue business as usual even if there’s no internet available. Sapaad detects a break in connection and switches automatically to offline mode. When your internet connection is back, Sapaad automatically synchronises with the server and retrieves the orders punched offline.