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We opened just last year and as a start-up restaurant, we didn’t think that it would make much financial sense to sign-up for an expensive on-premise system. That’s why we were drawn to Sapaad. Not only is it affordable yet had what we were looking for, the cloud-based model is perfect for our restaurant. Thanks to Sapaad, we can access the system and see detailed reports of our business to keep track of what’s going on from anywhere in the world!

June Cheng, Operations Manager

Sapaad is the perfect tool for our restaurant operations! We discovered Sapaad through a Google ad and it seemed to offer everything we were looking for. We love that it’s a cloud-based system since we can keep track of our restaurant wherever we go. And, since it works on any device, we can log in using different staff roles with any tablet—especially helpful during busy nights!

Samuel Loh, Manager

We found Sapaad when we were searching for a cloud-based POS system to switch to. Sapaad is powerful, cost-effective, and keeps us available to the needs of our 8 locations. We unanimously decided that Sapaad was the perfect choice for our operations. With Sapaad, we’re able to maintain consistency in the quality that we have instilled across all our restaurants. 

The comprehensive Inventory Module allows us to easily monitor stock levels while the Dashboard provides data-rich reports on the performance of different aspects of our operations. It also has a beautiful interface that is very easy to understand and use by our ground staff. All in all, Sapaad’s incredible user experience has helped us provide the highest level of service to all our customers.

Justin James, IT Manager

Sapaad gives our restaurant great flexibility to make sure that we always offer quality service to our customers. We were looking for a cloud-based POS while we were planning Sofra and after evaluating a couple of systems, we easily saw that Sapaad came out on top. It has a beautiful user interface and, since it’s web-based, we can use it on any system! Thanks to the combo and modifications features, Sapaad made ordering a breeze for both us and our customers. We can group our best dishes for our customers to choose from, instead of having them individually pick out items, and still make sure that they can adjust it to their liking.

Mahmut Turgut, Manager

For us, Sapaad is the total package. We can use it on any device, it has no hardware requirements, and it’s easy to understand and use. The scalability is another great advantage since we can add a new location with just a few clicks. Sapaad’s integration with leading accounting softwares has changed how we run our business. We no longer have to tally our sales since they’re automatically synced to our accounting system every end of business day. This freed up our time to focus on other aspects of our restaurant.

Samir Apte, Owner

There are so many ways you can customize your Sapaad account that it could really adapt to every business model. We love using Sapaad for our online delivery orders. Its interface is simple and a dream to use—anyone will be able to understand it! Plus, since it’s a cloud-based system, we can manage all our branches with just one account! I would highly recommend every restaurant business to use Sapaad in their operations.

Vignesh Balakrishnan, IT Manager

We run our entire delivery and online ordering operations with Sapaad and it has been significant in streamlining our operations right from setting up a central call center and building a master CRM for all our 23 locations. They also have a strong support team on ground and take ownership of what they do. Any problem is resolved within a matter of minutes.

Shafeer Ahamed, IT Executive

Sapaad is an end-to-end solution for a POS system. We have various different brands and Sapaad is our go-to POS system for all 20 outlets. It gives us consistency across all our brands which makes it easy to manage. Sapaad’s support structure is good. They recently conducted training for all our staff from all our brands. Their team is really easy to work with and seem to appreciate their customers.

Thariq Kamaludheen, IT Manager

Sapaad is an excellent system with phenomenal customer service. The software is easy to understand even if you don’t have any prior POS tech experience—it’s as simple as using a smartphone! The support team really takes ownership and guides you through setup and use. We rarely have any issue but if we do, we can always depend on them to help us out.

Mohammaed Rizwan, IT Executive

Sapaad is always improving with amazing features that help streamline our operations. The nature of the application is so easy to use and can be picked up by people of all backgrounds. No proper training is required to adapt to Sapaad in your business. Through the LIVE Business Dashboard, we’re able to access all the reports required to analyze and forecast sales. This has helped us make informed business decisions. Overall, it’s pretty good. We are very happy with it.

Khaja Moideen, IT Executive

Sapaad has been the easiest POS system we’ve ever worked with. We were actually able to set it up ourselves! It’s that simple yet very powerful. We love the rich reporting the LIVE Business Dashboards give us. We can see the status of our restaurant—from bestsellers to top customers to staff performance—in real-time and at a glance! Overall, we’re very happy with the software.

Ahmed Salahudheen, IT Executive

Sapaad has been wonderful with driving sales at our restaurant. We love how comprehensive the Dashboard reports are as it helps us make effective business decisions. We can always rely on the support team to solve any issues or queries that we have in a prompt manner. We’ve seen an estimated 60-70% business growth thanks to Sapaad.

Jeevan Nair, Restaurant Manager

Sapaad’s CRM is extremely user-friendly. It gives us great tools and insights into customer information that makes customer engagement a lot more effortless. Sapaad also has excellent cloud printing network that automatically detects the customer’s location based on their information and prints the order at our nearest branch. Overall, we’re very happy with the software and would highly recommend Sapaad to every restaurant.

Siljo J., IT Executive

We learned about Sapaad through a recommendation. We love that it’s a cloud-based application since we’re able to keep track of our business whether we’re at the cafe or at home. Sapaad is incredibly affordable, easy to set up and use, and jam-packed with powerful features—the perfect POS for new businesses. But what really puts Sapaad above the rest is its phenomenal customer service. The support team is always very quick in thoroughly answering any queries that we have.

Vincent Lee, Owner

We’ve been using Sapaad for a little over a year after switching from our very old legacy POS system. Sapaad allowed us to easily upgrade to modern functions like table-side ordering, LIVE sales reports, and lots more. It’s incredibly affordable and offers a seamless experience from sign-up to use. It has a straightforward interface that lets us keep tabs on our operations and, as a cloud-based system, gives us flexibility to access reports no matter where we are.

Jeremy Reynolds, Owner

Switching to another POS system for F&B business owners who want to focus only on providing quality food and maintaining consistency is always disruptive and scary. The final straw to make me change my POS was when I realized that Sapaad, with its integrations with online food ordering platforms and accounting softwares, would help me save MANY man-hours in the back office and ensure everything in my accounting tallies. In Sapaad, everything is instantaneous and reflects properly! The system is very easy to use and the transition has been really smooth.

A big thank you to the support team as the service provided has been stellar. From deployment to support – all responses have been prompt and quick to make sure I am ready to go live. It’s a breath of fresh air to know that there is a passionate POS company in our F&B business who would go above and beyond for our success.

Ho Zan Wei, Owner