How Gobblers Stood Out in Saudi Arabia’s Competitive Market

Gobblers is a fusion restaurant in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that specializes in two items: burgers and taouks. Taouk is a traditional grilled chicken dish of Lebanon while burgers are an American staple. Inspired by his love for

Team Sapaad
07 July 2019

Dos Puertas – Authentic Mexican Flavours in Hungary

Dos Puertas is a Mexican restaurant that welcomes customers with authentic flavours and a side of hospitality. Situated on the main street of the picturesque and historic downtown area of Székesfehérvár, Hungary, it is run by Chad Gustafson and his

Team Sapaad
02 June 2019

Simple Café – Where healthy meets delicious

In conversation with Nicola Cooper, the founder of Simple Café. They specialize in vegan and gluten-free fare and personalized meal plans and nutrition services. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
26 June 2018

Burger28 – Local Spin on a Global Favorite

Alexander Debare, the founder of Burger28, shares the inspiration behind his burger concept and how Sapaad complements their unique operations. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
19 July 2017

Gallus – Say Bonjour! to authentic French rotisserie

In conversation with Antoine Rontiex, co-founder of Gallus. He gives us an insight into French rotisserie dining and how he uses Sapaad in his business. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
21 December 2016

Pollo Pollo – Follow The Peruvian Food Trail

We caught up with Ali Sidani, the CEO & Founder of Pollo Pollo, at his restaurant in Dubai — an elevated-casual dining space with a warm, homestyle appeal — and talked about the rich cultural heritage of Peruvian cuisine and how Sapaad helps him run Pollo Pollo. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
27 October 2016

Zen and the art of Authentic Asian Cuisine

Nicky Ramchandani of Zen Restaurant shares what it means to be a young entrepreneur in Dubai. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
06 October 2016

Kebab Bistro

We caught up with Kebab Bistro’s proprietor, Oofrish Contractor, to know more about Kebab Bistro, and how Sapaad has helped them optimize their operations. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
04 May 2016

We designed Sapaad for the people who actually use it: your staff!

Meet Mr. Murthy, a Sapaad user at Dhanturi’s group of hotels, a popular, fine-dining restaurant in the heart of Dubai run by the famous Dhanturi restauranteurs of India. Swagath serves exquisitely prepared, delicious Indian food and their Dum Biryani, one

Team Sapaad
15 January 2014

Yalla Sapaad

  Yalla Momos is a hip little eatery tucked away in the heart of Karama and frequented by the city’s youth. Like Sapaad, Yalla Momos is unique. The ambience is side-walk chic, and super friendly — electronic and rock music play

Team Sapaad
13 November 2013