Sapaad Feature Update: Item Discounts & Notes

29 March 2016

Discounts on individual items on your menu are a great way to entice your customers with offers (“Buy One, Get One FREE”), giveaways, and deals. Now Sapaad’s POS lets you easily add discounts and notes to each item in an order! It’s brilliantly simple to use. Continue reading

What’s New in Sapaad: March 2016

We’ve updated Sapaad with some cool (and much requested) features! Here’s what’s new: Continue reading

Sapaad Inventory: Purchase Orders made easy

13 March 2016

With Sapaad’s Inventory module, your entire purchase cycle – from raising POs, sending them easily to suppliers, and receiving goods at your location – is remarkably easy! Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons To Use Sapaad

21 February 2016

Running a restaurant is challenging. Serving great food is critical to your success, but, a restaurant is a business too. You have to manage sales and marketing, food costing and inventory, home delivery, staff performance, and more, all this while keeping your customers happy. Sapaad is a powerful, user-friendly, cost-effective Cloud Point-Of-Sales (POS) solution designed to help you run your restaurant business efficiently. Trusted by hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains worldwide, Sapaad gives you tremendous benefits. Here are top 5 reasons to get on board: Continue reading

Sapaad Tokenizer

06 February 2016

A crowd of hungry customers at your counter is great for your business, but serving them in an organised way can be a challenge! With Sapaad Tokenizer, bring order to your order fulfilment process! Manage waiting customers easily with our elegant new Token Display System (TDS). Continue reading

What’s New in Sapaad: January 2016

It’s been a great start to 2016 here at Sapaad, and we’re thrilled to bring you updates that will make this year even more productive for your restaurant business! We’ve made further improvements to our bill printing and our Kitchen Display System (KDS), enabled customer grouping in our home delivery module, and introduced swipe login to public beta. In addition, Sapaad has launched a brilliant new Token Display System (TDS) that we call Tokenizer to optimise order fulfilment and queue management. Our goal has always been the same as yours – to create more happy customers! Continue reading