What’s New in Sapaad: September 2016

21 September 2016

We’re always working hard to make Sapaad more fun and useful for you! Here’s a quick round-up of our latest updates and performance improvements. Continue reading

What’s New in Sapaad: August 2016

30 August 2016

The month of August introduced lots of exciting enhancements to Sapaad, including powerful new inventory reports, additional in-report columns and search fields for enhanced visibility of your business, a new billing section to keep track of your Sapaad subscription, and much more! Continue reading

7 Brilliant Ways Sapaad Can Help You Take Control Of Your Home Delivery Management

21 July 2016

With Sapaad, you have the ability to be in total control of your restaurant’s home delivery process. Monitor every stage of delivery in real-time, identify and control bottlenecks, and optimise your overall delivery efficiency. Continue reading

Introducing Dashboard 2.0: Here’s All You Need To Know

12 July 2016

Dashboard 2.0 was designed to provide enhanced usability, performance and power. What’s more, we’ve completely revamped its look with cool design touchups and usability enhancements for an overall improved experience. Continue reading

Sapaad Loyalty: Simple and Secure Redemptions

28 June 2016

With Sapaad, we use a simple yet secure process to ensure that redeeming loyalty is as fun as earning. All your customer needs is a regular mobile phone. Continue reading

Sapaad Loyalty: Automatic Earning, Super-Easy Tracking

25 June 2016

With Sapaad, earning and tracking loyalty is brilliantly easy. Your customers and your staff will thank you! Continue reading