Introducing: Finished Goods Inventory

19 March 2014

Now you can track, manage, and view your finished goods stocks in real-time. Now managing your finished goods inventory has never been easier. Track stock quantities, prevent over-sells, set re-order levels, monitor stock movement, and communicate stock to your staff

We designed Sapaad for the people who actually use it: your staff!

15 January 2014

Meet Mr. Murthy, a Sapaad user at Dhanturi’s group of hotels, a popular, fine-dining restaurant in the heart of Dubai run by the famous Dhanturi restauranteurs of India. Swagath serves exquisitely prepared, delicious Indian food and their Dum Biryani, one

Improved Touch Experience

Introducing our all new on-screen keypad; no keyboard required! Speed and efficiency while taking orders are key to delighting your customers. That’s why we’ve improved Sapaad’s POS workflow by adding new touch-screen friendly features to rapidly complete orders on a

Introducing Sapaad Online

15 December 2013

A complete Online Ordering solution for your restaurant An all new revenue channel.. in minutes Add a line of code to your existing website and you get an instant web and mobile ordering experience for your customers to place orders

Yalla Sapaad

13 November 2013

  Yalla Momos is a hip little eatery tucked away in the heart of Karama and frequented by the city’s youth. Like Sapaad, Yalla Momos is unique. The ambience is side-walk chic, and super friendly — electronic and rock music play

Introducing our new pricing plans!

09 November 2013

  We heard you, and we’ve generously revised our plans. Sapaad is now more affordable than ever! At Sapaad, we listen closely to our customers. We understand the challenges that small to medium restaurants face and we’ve now made it