April 09, 2021

What’s new in Sapaad: March 2021

We’ve ended March with an array of new features and enhancements to improve your Sapaad experience and your customers’ with your business.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from our March updates.

1. Barcode Scanning now available for Sapaad iOS

Keeping with our product design philosophy of being incredibly “easy to set up, easy to use”, barcode scanning on iOS just works. It’s compatible with any bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner; you can simply pair and begin scanning.
Now, users of our iOS app and the barcode scanning feature can enjoy seamless scanning, improved accuracy, and rapid checkout. Great for retail F&B: Cafes, Quick Service, Food Trucks, or anything in between!

2. Xero oAuth 2.0

We’ve upgraded Sapaad’s Xero integration to Xero’s new-and-improved integration protocol that offers improved security and stability. Not only that, but we’ve also optimized the Xero integration experience—Sapaad’s Xero integration now features automated tax handling and improved accounting workflow.

Customers with the Xero <> Sapaad integration can now add tax without the need to manually search and recode sales invoices. Plus, they can auto-calculate tax on the sales data sent from Sapaad by enabling the tax rate for their chart of accounts and automatically post their sales data from Sapaad to Xero at the end of their business day.

3. Cloud Print backend optimized to generate prints 5X faster!

We’ve overhauled the infrastructure and code of the microservice that powers Sapaad’s all-new Cloud Print. The Print Microservice now runs on a screaming-fast solid-state data store technology and now generates fully rendered prints for Cloud Print in just 6 ms.

To learn more about out how the new Cloud Print works, check out this video on Sapaad Academy!

4. All-new onboarding Journey with Drip Mail 2.0!

Sapaad now works in sync with our all-new redesigned Drip Mail Campaign to send persuasive and timely emails to our trial customers — all powered by MailChimp. Here’s what’s new:

  • Revamped, awesome look and feel.
  • All new, compelling email content and design to boost user engagement.
  • Insightful user journey and experience.


5. Alternate menu language – Arabic – for Sapaad Connect users 

We’ve introduced Arabic as an alternate language for menu translation in Talabat Connect-enabled countries including UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt.

With this, we further strengthen our product’s language capabilities and empower merchants to run Sapaad in the language of their choice.

6. All-new Location Setup Design

We’ve redesigned Sapaad’s Location Setup for improved categorization and usability.

The new layout provides a more streamlined user experience and improved backend performance with settings grouped by functionality such as Menu Management, Printer & Peripheral Settings, Self Ordering Systems, and more. Now, customers will enjoy a simplified and streamlined operational workflow.

7. Improved Dashboard Performance

We’ve updated our report generation logic to cache data for businesses with a large number of locations more effectively so that cached reports are returned faster and closer to ‘real-time’. We’ve also fixed a rare issue that sometimes causes widgets to appear blank until refreshed.

Additional Fixes & Enhancements

8. In Sapaad’s CRM, we’ve updated the customer contact number searches to a minimum of 4 characters in order to reduce the load on the database and improve performance.

9. In Sapaad.Online v3, we’ve fixed a bug that displayed a blank screen on the online store in a specific scheduled ordering scenario for restaurants having multiple opening hour sessions.

We’ve also added validation to ensure the zero prefix in customer contact numbers reflect accurately.

10. With Sapaad Direct, our all-new mobile self-ordering solution, in Beta, we’re continuously improving its stability and experience with important enhancements and fixes, and further strengthening the product.

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