April 30, 2020

How Sapaad is Empowering the F&B Industry During COVID-19

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly impacted industries worldwide. The Food & Beverage sector, in particular, has found itself in the frontlines. As the world navigates through the crisis by practicing social distancing and limiting commercial activities — such as dining out — countless F&B outlets are looking at a significant loss in revenue.

Restaurants are seeking new ways to keep business going. At a time when people are encouraged to stay home, the strategic move is to shift their sales strategy to online and delivery. What started as a way to future-proof one’s operations has now turned into a necessity to ensure business continuity amidst the pandemic — online ordering and delivery have become a new world order.

For those caught off-guard by the unprecedented event, Sapaad’s fully-integrated solutions can help every restaurant seamlessly — and quickly — shift their operations to online ordering and delivery.

Out-of-the-box solutions

Sapaad comes with a complete suite of models that can help F&B businesses looking to set up or expand their delivery operations, including Sapaad.Online (Online Ordering), Sapaad Connect (Food Ordering Platform Integration), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Home Delivery & Driver Management.


With Sapaad.Online, restaurants can create their online channel in minutes, complete with a beautiful web and mobile ordering experience, brilliant checkout, online payments, order tracking, and more. Sapaad.Online is fully-integrated with Sapaad and allows for effortless menu management and order fulfillment straight from Sapaad POS.

Sapaad Connect

Sapaad Connect seamlessly integrates Sapaad POS to leading food ordering platforms — Zomato, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats. With this integration solution, restaurants can receive and process all orders — in-house or third-party — from one platform, eliminating the need for manual punching.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With Sapaad’s built-in CRM, restaurants receiving phone and online orders gain valuable customer insights, such as past orders, history, and addresses. Information from delivery customers — which are typically more comprehensive than their in-house counterparts — can be used to boost customer engagement and, ultimately, customer retention.

Home Delivery & Driver Management

Home Delivery Management provides LIVE insights into delivery orders as they happen. With kitchen-to-doorstep management, restaurants can gain visibility into preparation, pick up, and delivery time.

Aside from orders, other aspects of the delivery operations can be optimized. Sapaad also provides a supplemental mobile application — called ‘Delivery Assistant’ — for restaurant drivers to help with deliveries. With the app, drivers can see which order to deliver next and to which location.

Sapaad’s COVID-19 Initiatives

We understand and empathize with the challenges currently faced by our customers in the F&B. As part of our initiative to empower the industry that we service to mitigate the pandemic’s effects, we’re offering our out-of-the-box online and delivery solutions — fully-integrated with Sapaad POS — to affected restaurants in our global markets.

We built Sapaad to constantly evolve and meet the growing needs of our customers and the F&B industry. To further support this industry, we’ve launched special business-boosting offers to ensure business continuity amidst these challenging times.

Singapore: 80% PSG Support + 20% on us = 100% FREE for one year

We’re offering Singapore-based restaurants a complete out-of-the-box delivery solution to set up new revenue channels – Call-In and Online Ordering – FREE for one year.

This one-year offer consists of the essential tools to help set up new revenue channels, including Sapaad POS, Sapaad.Online, CRM, Home Delivery & Driver Management, Sapaad Loyalty, and Sapaad KDS 2.0 — our next-generation kitchen display system.

With the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), businesses can receive up to 80% funding on their investment (subject to PSG approval) and we will cover the remaining 20%.

Singapore: Stay Healthy, Go Digital campaign in partnership with IMDA

Sapaad stepped forward to join IMDA’s Stay Healthy, Go Digital campaign which supports Singaporean SMEs by making digitalization easily accessible during this exceptional period. As part of this campaign, we’re offering Singaporean-based restaurants our COVID-19 Digital Solutions Package to ensure business continuity.

IMDA’s Note of Appreciation for Sapaad’s efforts in the ‘Stay Healthy, Go Digital’ campaign.


The package consists of the essential tools to help restaurants seamlessly conduct their business online — including Sapaad Cloud POS, Sapaad.Online, CRM, Home Delivery & Driver Management, and Sapaad Connect — free for a specific period.

UAE: Sapaad.Online Lite & Sapaad Connect, 4 Months Free

To our existing customers in the UAE, we’re offering Sapaad.Online Lite — the Lite version of our online ordering module — and Sapaad Connect absolutely free for four months (May 1st to August 31st 2020).

UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait: COVID-19 Starter Pack, 3 Months Free

We also have a special offer available to independent restaurants in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait that are starting out — whether recently opened or have upcoming launch dates — amid the pandemic. As the current business challenges have deeply affected their beginnings, we’re offering a three-month ‘COVID-19 Starter Pack’ to give them a fresh head start.

Our starter pack consists of the essentials to empower their restaurant business, including Sapaad Cloud POS, CRM, Home Delivery & Driver Management, and Sapaad KDS 2.0.

Instant & Effortless Shift to Online & Delivery

Switching to online ordering and delivery in these difficult times is a powerful way to keep business going while also serving the community by encouraging people to stay safe at home yet connected through food. Sapaad’s quick go-to-market solutions are designed to help any restaurant business seamlessly build an efficient online and home delivery operation in as quick as 48 hours.

At Sapaad, we will continue to do our part in supporting the industry to overcome this pandemic and emerge stronger together.

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