January 31, 2018

What’s New in Sapaad: January 2018

We’ve had a great start to 2018 here at Sapaad. This January, we’ve introduced an array of enhancements to improve your experience with Sapaad and your customers’ experience with your business.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from our January updates.

Tax Updates & Enhancements

1. Tax Reporting
a. We’ve updated the “Revenues” and “Tax” sections of the business summary report to give you an improved high-level summary of the effect of your total tax on your net sales, as well as a breakdown of your taxes with just a single glance, irrespective of whether your menu prices are displayed including or excluding tax respectively.

b. Tax is accounted for in the Total Surcharges Report under the new column “Tax”.

c. For businesses with inclusive tax, the Top Selling Items, Top Grossing Items and Top Profitable Items reports have a new column “Total Amount Excluding Tax” based on which profitability is calculated.

2. Invoice Templates enhanced for better clarity in case of inclusive tax
The invoice template in Sapaad for businesses with inclusive tax has been updated to include a breakdown of the total amount before tax, the amount of tax charged and the total.

3. TRN in Purchase Orders
When raising a Purchase Order, the email to the supplier now also includes the TRN number.

Additional Updates

1. The print header font size in POWA has been fixed.

2. We’ve improved the usability when you upgrade your Sapaad subscription. You can now review upgrade details before confirming.

3. We’ve fixed a minor glitch under Customer Insights in CRM for a rare scenario.

4. The numeric text alignment issue in the Inactive Customers Report has been fixed.

5. In the Theoretical Stock Report, when viewing inventory history, if the View More button is double-clicked, the inventory transactions duplicate. This has been resolved.

6. The item name field in Menu Setup now has a maximum character limit of 200 characters.

7. We’ve resolved an issue when exporting the Top Selling Items and Top Grossing Items reports to CSV.

8. A discrepancy in the sub total and total for a rare case has been fixed.

9. A display issue of combos on the dispatch screen for a particular scenario is fixed.

10. In PDA, a discrepancy in the total caused due to item level discount is resolved.

11. Additional stability and performance enhancements.


We’ve got more exciting stuff coming and can’t wait to share it!

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