December 21, 2017

Sapaad makes VAT easy


Sapaad makes setting up VAT super easy. Our powerful, in-built tax management feature makes enabling VAT at your restaurant incredibly easy and stress-free! You’ll be up and running in minutes.

Two steps and you’re done!


Set up VAT

Go to Setup > Location Setup > Tax Rates, create a new tax rate called ‘VAT’ with 5% as the rate, and apply it to all the items in your menu.

Start Selling!

Once you’ve set up VAT and updated your menu prices — you can have them either inclusive or exclusive of the VAT component — you’re ready for business!

Exclusive or inclusive tax?
We’ve got you covered!

Want your menu prices to be inclusive of VAT? In Sapaad, you can set up inclusive or exclusive taxes depending on whether your menu prices are displayed including or excluding tax respectively. Simply visit Setup > Global Settings > Tax to switch between the two.

Sapaad’s advanced tax feature also includes tax on surcharges, tax compliant invoices, and powerful tax reporting.

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