November 29, 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: November 2017

We’ve introduced an array of enhancements to improve your experience with Sapaad and your customers’ experience with your business.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from our November updates.

Enhanced Offline Mode Experience

We’ve improved the total Offline Mode experience to make it more robust and fail-safe. Using an improved network activity detector, Sapaad instantly detects any loss in internet connectivity even if the user has not refreshed the page and switches to Offline Mode.

Improved usability for Setup > Global Settings

We’ve redesigned the sections under Setup > Global Settings > Others for improved clarity. These sections have not only been rearranged for improved clarity but now also includes informative help text that educates users on the context of the features.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve rolled out keyboard shortcuts to quicken order-taking if you’re using a keyboard. Try ’em out:

F4 – Place Order
esc – Cancel Payment Screen

F7 – Place Order, Update Order
F8 – Print Bill
F4 – Pay Now
esc – Cancel Payment Screen

F4 – Place Order
esc – Cancel Order Confirmation Screen

General Updates

a. The New Customers Report, when exported to CSV, now includes a column for the customers’ Alternate Telephone Number.

b. We’ve enabled the ability to update Purchasing Details for Ingredients and Finished Goods, however, updating the Measurement Unit continues to remain disabled in our effort to prevent discrepancies that would affect the cost per unit and cost of goods sold.

c. We’ve resolved an issue when viewing the Token Screen and Dispatch Screen on an iPad respectively for a rare scenario.

d. When reprinting a bill for a Dine-In order, “Duplicate” is now displayed in the header.

e. Sapaad detects and disallows invalid characters in the Delivery Area field when creating new delivery areas while taking orders.

f. The tax calculation issue while applying an Item Discount has been resolved.

g. The error while scanning Mandatory Modifiers with a barcode scanner has been fixed.


We’ve got more exciting stuff coming and can’t wait to share it!

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