October 10, 2017

Introducing an all-improved POS experience

Our world-class POS interface
just got better!


We’ve updated Sapaad’s order-taking experience for improved usability, readability, responsiveness, and performance!


Better, Faster, Smarter!



restaurant-posEnhanced Usability

We’ve revamped the POS interface with visually tactile buttons that have smarter responsiveness. The updated POS interface automatically adjusts to your screen size to display even more items, taking advantage of modern hi-res screens.




Simplified Payments

We’ve simplified the payment interface. All your Payment Types configured in Sapaad are now displayed as beautiful buttons in a touch-friendly pop-up, making recording payments quicker and easier than ever!




Improved Readability

Sapaad now uses improved fonts that are optimized for your system be it Windows, Mac or Linux. You’ll enjoy swifter rendering times and overall improved readability.




Increased Performance

We’ve gone under the hood and optimized the engine powering the interface for a 2.5x improvement in performance! Now serve your customers even faster.




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