August 02, 2017

Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud Restaurant POS Systems

You’ve heard great things about cloud-based solutions for running a restaurant; you know the benefits — cost, infrastructure, usability, security, ease of adoption, and more. But you’re still hesitant to make the switch because you’re not entirely certain about this new technology.

If that’s you, then we’re here to help. In this post, we’re going to highlight the top 5 benefits of going Cloud!


#5 Zero Maintenence.

Traditional POS systems require ongoing software upgrades and security updates to be installed manually on-location. Plus, maintaining premise-based local servers come with a huge price.

In cloud POS systems, all ongoing updates to the software are online, instantaneous and free, and are done by the software provider, who also continuously maintain the software and its infrastructure. In other words, you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all!

#4 Connect with any device.

Cloud POS systems can be accessed across multiple devices – be it laptops, tablets or even mobile phones. Just like how you can access your email on your computer or phone, you can access your restaurant dashboard on any device.

Traditional POS systems require your physical presence at the restaurant to monitor business, but with cloud POS systems, you can easily analyze sales trends and reports in real-time. Anytime, anywhere.

#3 Your restaurant data is secure.

In traditional POS systems, data is stored in premise-based local servers that are dedicated solely to your business. These dedicated servers come with a high infrastructure cost as well as the risk of data loss in case of a security breach or damage at your location.

In cloud POS systems, data is stored in the “cloud” hosted by secure and reliable global cloud computing service providers like Amazon (AWS), Google and Microsoft. These platforms apply security best practices and controls, and redundancy and availability at every stage that protect users from security threats and data loss. So restaurateurs can focus on what really matters – growing their business.

#2 Scaling your business is super easy.

Cloud POS systems work great for business models of myriad scales and sizes – from cafeterias and QSRs, to kiosks and food trucks, to multi-brand and multi-franchise restaurants.

The great thing about having your IT on the cloud is that you can grow your business with ease. With just a few clicks, you can add a new location, replicate your menu, your inventory details and more. Cloud POS systems offer a consistency across all your brands that is unmatched in traditional POS systems. You can scale across the country and still manage all your brands and outlets from a single administration. And unlike in the case of traditional POS systems, there’s no scaling of infrastructure, in turn, no hefty investment.

#1 Cloud POS systems are affordable.

Traditional POS systems require a huge investment in proprietary software and hardware, servers, as well as costs for setup, software licenses, and ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Cloud POS systems, on the other hand, are usually subscription based and thus reduce costs by offering a monthly subscription model with practically no upfront investment. They work great on any web-based devices and do not require proprietary hardware. Plus, set up is quick and easy and all updates to the software are online, instantaneous and free of cost. The bottom line: your cloud POS becomes part of your operational costs without having to invest a massive capital expenditure.


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