July 19, 2017

Burger28 – Local Spin on a Global Favorite


Burger28 is an elite burger drive-in that blends contemporary Emirati lifestyle with the familiarity of local traditional cafes. It is the brainchild of Alexander Debare, an entrepreneur with a passion for handcrafted burgers, honest cooking and unrivaled customer service.

We caught up with the founder himself who shares his inspiration behind Burger28 and how Sapaad complements his operations.

Q. Tell us all about Burger28.

Burger28 is a homegrown concept. It was my love of burgers that made me want to start my own burger concept. You have to agree, burgers are the universal comfort food!
At Burger28, we’re all about the car hop dining experience. Our tagline “Honk For Your Burgers” quite literally sums up how things work here: customers drive in, we go up to their car, take their orders on our iPads, and they get to enjoy their meal right in the comfort of their car. It’s a unique concept in the region. We were one of the first to capitalize on it, and we’re happy that it’s now become our signature.

Q. So what’s the story behind the 28 in Burger28?

The 28 in Burger28 represents two things: it’s the street where our first outlet began, that’s 28th Street MBZ City. Secondly, I was 28 when we started out back in September 2016. So it’s all about remembering where it all began. We’re proud of our roots.

Q. As Burger28 is your first venture in the F&B industry, what initial challenges did you face that you’d like to share with aspiring restaurateurs?

I’d say the biggest challenge for restaurateurs is making sure you have the right location. That, coupled with having all the government approvals in time for your opening. Sometimes the approvals take longer than you think.
On the tech front, it’s important to have the right restaurant technology as part of your business plan. I wanted to infuse technology in a smart way into my operations. My goal was to have a multifaceted, modern POS. That’s when I came across Sapaad in my research and found it to be the perfect fit.


Q. What are the ways Sapaad has helped you achieve your business goals?

The best part about Sapaad is that it is specifically designed for the restaurant business. The dashboard interface is perfect for a restaurant owner. It helps me not only track my sales, but also my food costing and inventory transactions.
Sapaad works on several platforms; this was an important factor when we first reviewed it. I can access Sapaad on my laptop, iPad or even my iPhone. Having the ability to take orders and complete transactions directly on an iPad makes all the difference. Especially since a quick and convenient customer experience is what we strive for. And speaking of customer experience, Sapaad’s customer support structure is fantastic. That’s always something that appeals to me when in a business partnership.

Q. What are the must-haves at Burger28?

We offer a limited menu of signature burgers that are mainly inspired by the local culture. Be it in terms of flavor or the name of the dish. The Dynamite28 and The Arbab are our most popular burgers. Arbab means boss in Arabic. It’s a spicy chicken burger that’s been given a crunchy texture with Chips Oman. For the unfamiliar, Chips Oman is a local potato chip brand that was available long before other brands came to the region. So it’s a nostalgic addition that reminds people of their time growing up here in the 80s and the 90s.
Also, you have to try our Wa7sh Fries. Wa7sh translates to beast; it’s fries topped with melted cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, beef bacon and our handcrafted Beast sauce.

Q. Finally, what’s next for Burger28?

We started out in an up-and-coming area to really test out our product and our brand. We’re thrilled with the response we’ve received from our niche clientele. For the future, we’ve got some ambitious plans. We’re keen to make a mark in the competitive market. We are opening our second location. That’s where Sapaad comes in again; I love the ease of scalability!

At Sapaad, we’re excited to be part of the Burger28 success story! Follow Burger28 on Facebook and Instagram @weareburger28 or visit their website burger28.com.

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