July 12, 2017

Introducing Discount Scheduling

Schedule your Discounts!

With Sapaad’s all-new, super flexible discount scheduler, gain full control of your discounts. Now, you can easily plan and set your discounts to run at specific times — certain days of the week, a date or time range, or a combination of both.

Easy to setup, easy to use!


You can set up a discount schedule easily while creating a new discount or editing an existing one. Visit Setup > Location Setup > Surcharges and Discounts to get started.


Schedule by Day of the Weekscheduled-discounts


Select the days of the week that you want to run the discount e.g. every Monday.


By Date Rangescheduled-discounts


Select a date range when you want to offer the discount for e.g. the month of December or during Summer.


By Time of the Dayscheduled-discounts


Set a time of the day you want to offer the discount. For e.g. A lunch hour or happy hour discount.


Or all of the above!


You can also schedule by a combination of Day of the Week, Date Range, and Time. For e.g. You’re offering a Happy Hour discount every weekday between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the month of December.

Now, your discounts appear on your Point of Sale right on schedule. It’s super easy and intuitive!




Scheduled Discounts is a FREE update for all Sapaad customers and is available today!



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