June 29, 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: June 2017

We’re constantly working to make Sapaad the best it can be. This June, we introduced a ton of exciting enhancements to Sapaad including barcode scanning in the POS interface, the ability to enable discounts for specific order types, and much more!

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new:

POS Barcode Scanning

Sapaad now supports barcode scanning in the Point of Sale interface! Instantly add retail items to your bill by scanning barcodes. Great for retail F&B and for rapid, easy checkout! Learn more.


Discounts by Order Types

You now have the ability to enable item and order discounts for specific order types. For e.g. You might want to offer a special discount that applies only for your Delivery orders but not for your Dine-In orders. You can easily do that when creating a new discount or editing an existing one. Simply visit Setup > Location Setup > Surcharges and Discounts.


Export your Menu with cost/profit information!

You can now export a complete list of your menu items along with their respective cost, sale price and profitability. Simply visit Setup > Inventory Setup > Recipes and click on the new Export button on the upper right for an item-wise breakdown of your food costing.


Show orders on Dispatch Screen for specific Order Types

We’ve updated the Dispatch Screen section under Setup > Location Setup so that you can now choose which order types you’d like to show on the Dispatch Screen. For e.g. You may want only your Walk-In and Take-Away orders to show on the Dispatch Screen. To set this up, visit Setup > Location Setup > Dispatch Screen.


Browser zoom support on the POS screen

We’ve enhanced the usability of the POS screen so that it works better when you use your browser’s “Zoom” feature (to fit more on your screen). When completing a transaction, the payment type buttons now play nice and have an improved response. However, please note that Sapaad has been designed to work best at standard 100% zoom.


Security Enhancement

If a user is assigned to a default page, however, does not have access permissions for that page, they will be informed to update the page permission settings for their Role in Setup or to contact their Administrator if they do not have access to Setup.


Improved Network and Latency Performance

We’ve upgraded our CDN infrastructure to provide improved latency and caching, resulting in responses that are more quick, reliable and secure.


Additional Updates

a. We’ve rearranged the sections under Setup > Location Setup for improved clarity: there are new sections called “Dispatch Screen” and “Token Screen” which include the settings for dispatch screen and token screen respectively.

b. There is now a new access permission under Setup > Staff called “View Token Screen” to enable staff access to the Token Screen.

c. When resetting a password, entering an incorrect email address will prompt an “Email not found” message.

d. When updating the price of a menu item under Setup > Location Setup > Menu, Sapaad now detects and disallows null values in the Branch Price field.

e. When updating your location details in Sapaad, under Setup > Location Setup > General Details, the country selected cannot be changed.

f. For Grouped Items listed under Setup > Location Setup > Menu, we’ve disabled the Branch Price field by default as prices are not relevant to Grouped Items.

g. For orders punched in the Offline Mode that are settled with a payment type other than cash, the invoice now displays the corresponding payment types.

h. Additional stability and performance enhancements.



We’ve got more exciting stuff coming up, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Be sure to keep checking back our blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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