May 30, 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: May 2017

The month of May introduced lots of exciting enhancements to Sapaad, including the ability to customize address labels in CRM, an improved usability of payment processes, an easier-than-ever flow when reviewing Stock Takes, and much more!

In case you missed it, here’s a complete round-up of our recent improvements and fixes.

1. Custom CRM Address Labels

You can now customize the way you capture your customer’s addresses so that it’s better suited to your country, region and location. You’ll find a new section under Setup > Global Settings called “CRM Address Labels”. Simply override the default labels and the new labels will immediately reflect in your CRM “New Customer” and “Edit Customer Address” screens. For e.g. You might want to change “Street” to “Zone” to reflect your country’s geographic address system. This will also reflect in Sapaad’s Online Ordering module if you’re using it.

2. Enhanced Payment Processes

In our effort to simply and improve your Sapaad’s user experience, we’ve improved the usability of how the payment process works in Sapaad when billing your customers.

We’ve made the way you select the payment method incredibly easier for both touch screen and desktop users. You can also customize payment types with clearly identifiable icons by selecting from a list of beautiful default icons. You can do this either when creating a new payment type or editing an existing one. Now when settling an order, all your Payment Types configured in Sapaad are displayed as beautiful buttons making payments quicker and easier than ever! You can also order your payment methods any way you like so that they’re displayed in the order of your preference. Visit Setup > Global Settings > Payment Types to do this.

3. Order Notes on Delivery Assistant

Order Notes will now be displayed on the Delivery Assistant. Now along with the order number and customer’s address, drivers have a quick at-a-glance view of any special requests or modifications to the order.

4. Updated Nomenclature

We’ve updated the term “Number of Persons” to “Number of Covers” throughout Sapaad for enhanced in-app consistency and to more accurately represent this aspect of the Dine-In module.

5. Improved Clarity of Order History

When viewing the Status History of a closed order, we’ve updated the order history details to provide a clearer and more granular representation of the order’s history. You will see new statuses such as “modified”, “updated”, and “reprinted” that reflect the activities of users.

6. Delivery Manager Update

Future Orders listed in the Delivery Manager now also display the customer’s name along with the order details.

7. New ‘Payment Received By’ filter

We’ve introduced a new filter dropdown in the Total Orders Report called “Received By”. You can now filter orders by staff who have received payments. Also, we’ve renamed the existing dropdown button “Staff” to “Order Taken By” to more clearly represent this feature.

8. Auto-notification when you’re running out of SMS

If you’re using Sapaad’s SMS Module, the administrator of your account will be notified by email when you’ve reached the limit of your current SMS Plan.

Additionally, when sending SMS from the Top Customers Report, Inactive Customers Report and the Open Send field, you will be informed if you’ve reached or crossed the limit of your current SMS plan.

9. PDA Improvement

In PDA, we’ve disabled the “Add Item” button after a single click to prevent accidentally clicking the button multiple times.

10. CRM Update

If you are not using Sapaad’s Loyalty program, you can now update the primary telephone number of your customers in CRM.

11. Capture Reference Code option disabled for payment type Loyalty

For Loyalty under Payment Types, we’ve made the Capture Reference Code option N/A by default as reference codes are irrelevant to Loyalty.

12. Inventory Enhancements

a. Reviewing stock takes is now easier than ever! When submitting a Stock Take for review, Sapaad now filters your list of inventory items and only displays the items that were part of the stock take i.e. the items for which the stock was counted.

b. We’ve moved the “Stock On Hand Now” widget on your dashboard to a new default location; you’ll notice this widget at the top left of your dashboard’s inventory section.

c. The email field when adding or editing Suppliers under Inventory Setup is now limited to 250 characters.

13. Access Control Improvements

In our effort to simplify and improve access rights and permissions and secure your business, we’ve improved the access control process for Order Transactions. There is now a new access permission (found in Setup > Staff) called “Modify Completed Orders”.

Using this permission, you can control staff permissions in a more granular manner, restricting their access to modify ‘closed’ bills in a more secure way. Only if a staff member is given the permission to ‘modify closed orders’ can he or she open past orders. (Note: This is separate from the ability for waiters to update orders at the table, which is covered by the “Create & Update Order” permission.)

14. In-app Help Widget

We’ve introduced a new Help widget in Sapaad. You’ll notice a “?” icon at the bottom right of your screen. If you have a general question about using Sapaad, you can simply click this icon and browse our Knowledge Base for walk-throughs on Sapaad’s features and answers to frequently asked questions.

15. Additional Fixes & Improvements

+ We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the POS order-taking screen from loading correctly if there was a “forward slash” special character in any of the menu items.

+ On the Dine-In order-taking screen, clicking “Print Bill” disables the order “Discount” button. This has been fixed.

+ Online orders will not show on the dispatch screen if the ‘Show Delivery Orders in the Dispatch Screen’ option is disabled.

+ When an item added to the PDA has a mandatory modifier, the “Update” button now remains enabled even after the mandatory modifier has been selected.

+ Call center delivery orders and take away orders placed when the Delivery Manager was disabled incorrectly recorded double payments. This issue has been resolved.

+ Take away orders that are scheduled for a later time during that particular day are now correctly listed under Future Orders and not Take Away Orders in your Delivery Manager.

+ We’ve fixed a bug that duplicated payments for orders on the Delivery Assistant.

+ Logging in using a swipe card now correctly takes you to the swipe screen page after logging out.

+ We’ve fixed a bug in the Total Orders Report that incorrectly recorded payments of online orders as null values, only in the case when Delivery Manager was disabled.

+ In a particular scenario, there was a discrepancy in the date and time displayed on the Total Orders Report when exported to CSV. This has been resolved.

+ The Theoretical Stock Report now correctly exports the report when viewed “By Quantity” or “By Value” respectively.

+ We’ve fixed a bug in Loyalty that incorrectly allowed redemptions that were more than the Maximum Redeem Value i.e. more than the maximum Loyalty a customer can redeem in a single transaction.

+ UI fix in the Business Summary.

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