May 24, 2017

Custom Address Labels in CRM

Building a rich, accurate customer database is key to improving customer engagement and home delivery efficiency at your restaurant. Sapaad provides great CRM tools to help you customize the CRM experience for your operations.

Let’s talk about how you can customize the address labels in Sapaad’s CRM module to better suit your country, region or geographic location. It’s easy!

Let’s Get Started



Set Your Own Labels

Simply visit Setup > Global Settings > CRM Address Labels and override the default labels. For e.g. you might want to change “Street” to “Zone” to reflect your country’s geographic address system.





Use ’em in your CRM

The new labels will immediately reflect in your CRM in the “New Customer” and “Edit Customer Address” screens. This way, you can capture your customer’s addresses in the ideal format of your country, region or location.



Works for Online Ordering too!

Plus, if you’re using Sapaad’s Online Ordering module, the new labels instantly reflect in your online ordering page when a customer registers on your site or simply edits their address.





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