January 25, 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: January 2017

We’re constantly working to make Sapaad the best it can be. And 2017 couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. In case you missed it, here’s a complete roundup of the latest enhancements from the month that went by.

1. Introducing Multi-Location Report Analysis

We’ve introduced the ability to filter reports on your dashboard by multiple locations at the same time.

Easily track, compare and analyse business performance and sales trends across a combination of your locations. Simply check the locations you want reports for from the all-new ‘Multi-Location’ dropdown on your dashboard and instantly have your dashboard update all data for the selected locations.

2. Reprint statistics for bill prints

Sapaad now tracks reprints! If an invoice is reprinted, a new status is added in the order’s history to reflect this. Now you can track the number of times an invoice was reprinted.

3. Measurement Units added to Theoretical Stock Report

Theoretical Stock Report now displays measurement units in the ‘Inventory Item’ column.

4. COGS recalculation for Sub Recipes

COGS is now updated for a recipe when an ingredient in a sub recipe that is used in that recipe is updated. This works for recursive COGS to update up to ‘n’ levels.

5. Stock Take Enhancements

a. For stock takes under review, the Stock Difference is now updated simultaneously while editing the stock count.

b. When viewing a completed stock take, the date and time when the stock take commenced and was completed is now displayed.

6. 100% Item Level Discounts are now non-reversible

When applying a 100% item level discount, if the registered inventory transaction for the discount is either Sold, Wasted, Promo or Internal Consumption, then the discount once applied to an item cannot be removed when modifying the order.

7. ‘Item Code’ now included in Menu export

When downloading your menu, the exported file now also includes the Item Code, in addition to the category name and price of an item.

8. Duplicate Order cancellations no longer allowed

If multiple tabs are open and there is an attempt made to cancel the same order from two different tabs, Sapaad detects and disallows this.

9. Updated Nomenclature

We’ve updated certain nomenclature under Menu Setup for enhanced in-app consistency. We’ve also renamed ‘Par Level’ to ‘Reorder Level’ throughout Sapaad to more accurately reflect this function.

10. Inventory Setup Improvements

a. When editing ingredients, finished goods and recipes, we’ve disabled the ability to copy and paste content in the price and quantity fields; hence eliminating ambiguity of data.

b. In addition, entering junk characters in these fields will prompt a NaN error.

11. Inventory Enhancements

a. When a Purchase Order or Stock Transfer is created for multiple locations, the consignment now splits into separate consignments for each location and can be received independently at each location.

b. For staff that do not have the ‘Create & Send PO’ permission, we’ve removed the ability to re-send sent purchase orders and to send duplicate received purchase orders.

c. When receiving a purchase order from a supplier other than the default supplier, if there’s a difference between the supplier prices, then the option to ‘Update cost per unit’ will appear.

d. Staff initiating a Stock Transfer can now only do so from the location they are assigned to.

12. Payment Types cannot be renamed

Payment Types can no longer be renamed. Should you wish to rename a payment method, you must create a new Payment Type and then delete the old one; this ensures consistency of historic reporting.

13. Date format in exported Delivery Report is now region agnostic

The date format in the exported Delivery Report has been made region agnostic. The date format has been changed from “1-12-2017” to “01-Dec-2017” so that spreadsheet applications that follow either US or UK regional settings will interpret it correctly. After observation of live use, we will apply this to all reports.

14. CRM Data Protection Enhancement

In CRM, when creating a new customer or editing details of an exiting customer, we’ve added additional measures to ensure the validity of data being entered.

15. Email Validation

Sapaad now detects and disallows invalid email addresses of customers in CRM and of suppliers.

16. Updated Nomenclature

We’ve renamed ‘Bump Screen’ to ‘Dispatch Screen’ throughout Sapaad to more accurately represent this feature.

17. Xero Updates

Bank accounts are now listed in Xero account mapping. Also, we have reviewed mapping policies to ensure they follow standard practices.

18. Additional Fixes & Improvements

+ We’ve fixed bugs that prevented the Staff Wise Sales Report and the Table Wise Sales Report from being filtered correctly.

+ The New Customers Report, when exported, now correctly displays Customer Groups.

+ We’ve fixed an error in the Stock Take Report that prevented viewing details of completed stock takes.

+ When saving reports that don’t require a date range selection, a date range was being incorrectly displayed under Saved Reports. This has been fixed.

+ We’ve fixed an issue when processing a Batch Production where the Required Quantity resets to zero after clearing the Quantity field.

+ The Dine-In areas dropdown now resets correctly after an order is placed or updated in a particular Dine-In area.

+ We’ve resolved an issue when redeeming Loyalty for Walk-In and Dine-In orders to correctly comply with minimum and maximum redeem values.

+ Top Customers Report available for customers not using Delivery Manager: If Delivery Manager is not being used, Top Customers Report and Delivery Report now show data and no longer say ‘Data not available’.

+ New Customers Report – correct customer count displayed: We’ve resolved an error in the New Customers Report to now correctly display customers with multiple addresses.

+ Finished Goods – correct COGS wastage calculation: When Finished Goods are part of a combo, COGS now calculates correctly in the Wastage Report.

+ Items with 100% discount can now be voided correctly: We’ve fixed a bug that prevented items with 100% discounts from being deleted.

+ Tax in Location Setup > Menu is now calculated correctly when changing tax.

+ Online Ordering quantity issue (on iPhone) for combos fixed: When changing the quantity of a combo item, the value increased by odd numbers (1,3,5). This has been fixed.

+ Additional UI fixes.

19. Performance Optimizations

As always, we continue to optimize and improve Sapaad’s performance, and we’ve brought 100% performance improvements in various areas.

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