December 21, 2016

Gallus – Say Bonjour! to authentic French rotisserie


Gallus, a charming French restaurant, gets its name from the Latin word “Gallus Gallus Domesticus” meaning “chicken”. Rotisserie Chicken is the central dish, alongside an array of French classics like Mushroom Soup, Gratin Dauphinoise and Rainbow Mille-feuille.

We caught up with Antoine Rontiex, one of the founders of Gallus, at his restaurant. Antoine, who has over 15 years experience in the F&B industry, in a career spanning 10 countries, shared his entrepreneurial journey and told us how he uses Sapaad to operate his business.

“We launched Gallus a year and a half ago,” says Antoine. “The spit-roasted chicken is a very popular dining tradition in France. And we wanted to bring that concept to the city.”

Gallus imports the best quality chicken exclusively from the region of Mayenne in France. “We are always in control of the quality of our food,” adds Antoine. “Our chicken is farm-fresh, and all our dishes are homemade and prepared with French recipes.”


When looking for a restaurant management system, Antoine wanted one that would not just help him “run” his restaurant but also provide business intelligence to help make quick and effective strategic decisions.

He says, “Since we specialise in home deliveries, we found Sapaad’s ‘Delivery Manager’ to be a critical component. It has changed the way we manage our deliveries and has tremendously improved our delivery time.” Antoine loves Sapaad’s ability to monitor and track home deliveries as they happen, all from a single screen.

“Sapaad’s support team is very professional,” he adds. “They are very prompt in the rare case I need any clarifications.”

Gallus has a niche fan-following of local and international diners. The ‘Gallus Lover‘ offer on their menu is a bestseller — it features a whole roast chicken served with a choice of two sides and three sauces. You can opt for their signature, homemade sauces like the Gallus Sauce, Piri Piri Sauce or Mushroom Cream Sauce.

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