October 13, 2016

What’s New in Sapaad: October

October got off to a great start here at Sapaad. We’ve completely upgraded the workflow of Stock Takes, we’ve got a new-and-improved Business Summary on your dashboard, and we’ve made winning back “inactive” customers a whole lot smarter with insights into their Loyalty earnings.

Here are all the latest updates from our recent improvements to Sapaad:

1. Stock Take: Workflow!

We’ve completely upgraded Stock Takes with a new ‘workflow’ feature.

Now, Stock Takes go through three phases: Draft, Review, and Completed. Each section of the workflow also has distinct permissions, which is great for having your stock counts conducted by one member of your team, and the review done by another. The addition of the review phase also allows you to adjust and correct any discrepancies or pending stock while the stock take is still in progress. Here’s how the new workflow feature works:

a. Once a stock take is done, it is ‘submitted for review’. It will then show under the ‘Under Review’ tab. You can now review the stock counts and make sure everything is ok. While a stock count is ‘Under Review’, you can still make adjustments to your stock (e.g. receive pending stock, issue out stock as wastage, etc.). Simply refresh the tab to see the changes.

b. Once the Stock Take is reviewed, click ‘Complete’ to push it to the next stage, completed. In this stage, the data is committed, and you can then ‘auto reconcile’ the counts to do an adjustment to your stock.

c. We’ve also introduced new access rights and permissions for your staff. You can restrict the role of your staff to simply ‘Count Stock’ and/or ‘Review & Complete Stock Take’.

2. Enhanced Consistency and Usability

a. We’ve enhanced the consistency of in-report labels, icons and formatting for a much-improved clarity of your dashboard. We’ve also made several KPI figures much larger and bolder, for improved readability.

b. Mandatory fields throughout Sapaad now have a standard guideline for greater clarity and consistency.

c. We’ve introduced breadcrumb navigation in Setup > My Account > Billing History to improve usability when viewing your invoices.

d. When resetting the password of your Sapaad account, an alert message now pops up on your screen notifying you of an instruction email sent to your inbox.

e. For a few more 3-decimal countries, we’ve updated the format of numerical values to display up to three decimal places.

3. New-And-Improved Business Summary

We’ve revamped the Sales Summary Report; and it’s better than ever! We’ve introduced a new section called ‘Wastage’ that gives you a complete breakdown of your total wastage costs across various wastage scenarios, at a glance. (Note that data in this section will only show from September 20th).

4. Delivery Manager Improvements

Idle home delivery orders automatically disappear from the Delivery Manager 24 hours after the order is placed. If you modify an unpaid order in the Total Orders report on your dashboard, the order will show up again on the Delivery Manager.

5. Loyalty in Inactive Customers Report

We’ve updated the Inactive Customers report with a new column called ‘Available Loyalty’. Now, identify customers who haven’t ordered in a while, and easily analyse their loyalty earnings. You can instantly reach out to them with an SMS encouraging them to redeem loyalty on their next order. It’s a great way to win them back at your restaurant! (Haven’t signed up for our awesome Loyalty module yet? Learn more about Sapaad Loyalty.)

6. Low Stock Reports Enhanced

We’ve added a new column for ‘Par Level’ in the Low Stock – Ingredients and Low Stock – Finished Goods reports. This way, you have everything you need to keep an eye on your low running stock.

7. Theoretical Stock Report Enhanced

You can now monitor and analyse every aspect of your stock movement by quantity or by purchase value, with our new filter dropdown in the Theoretical Stock Report.

8. Improved Wastage Cost Report

We’ve enhanced the Wastage Cost report to give you a detailed insight into the total wastage cost of each inventory item. Get an instant breakdown of wastage costs by movement types: wasted and stock adjustment.

9. Purchase Orders Updated

We’ve added back the ability to delete Sent Purchase Orders. However, only the Admin can delete a sent purchase order.

10. Updates to Inventory Setup

a. For Recipes, we’ve introduced breadcrumb navigation to improve the ease when editing a Recipe. We’ve also taken off the Duplicate button from the Recipe listing page alone.

b. We’ve enhanced usability when searching for an item to add as a Finished Good.

11. Other fixes and performance improvements:

-Resolved issue in Split Bill to equally divide surcharges when splitting a bill.
-Fixed issue to correctly apply discounts to the total bill amount.
-Resolved issue when applying 100% discount to an order to correctly account for inventory in the Wastage Cost report.
-Fixed issue when sorting Top Selling Items, Top Grossing Items, and Total Orders reports.
-Fixed overlapping issue when displaying customers’ past order details in CRM.
-For recipes defined as finished goods, resolved issue to correctly display history in Batch Production and Stock Receipts.
-Fixed display issue when modifying an order and adding a new item to an order.
-Resolved multiple tab issue for Dine-In orders.
-Under Stock Requests/Transfer > Received Stock, duplicate receipts are now correctly displayed with the prefix ST_ and not PO_.
-Resolved data mismatch issue in the Top Customers report.
-Resolved alignment issue in the Total Surcharges report.

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