September 21, 2016

What’s New in Sapaad: September 2016

We’re always working hard to make Sapaad more fun and useful for you. This week, we’ve introduced several exciting enhancements. We’ve polished areas of Sapaad for greater clarity and consistency, we’ve introduced additional in-report columns and filter abilities, and we’ve revamped a few aspects of the Inventory module for a much-improved Inventory experience!

Here’s a quick round-up of our latest updates and performance improvements:

1. “Current Stock” Improvements

Under Inventory > Current Stock, when viewing the history of stock movement for a particular ingredient or finished good, you now have the ability to view complete details of all stock movement for that item.

2. “Purchase Orders” Enhancements

a. When raising a purchase order, the search field now auto-predicts supplier names, so you can easily search for and add items to a purchase order for a supplier.

b. Under Sent Purchase Orders, you now have the ability to ‘Print’ a sent purchase order.

c. We’ve made additional improvements to sending purchase orders: we’ve got an all-new design for the purchase order email, and we’ve also added a ‘Preview’ button; do a quick preview of a purchase order before hitting send.

d. For the search field under Received Purchase Orders, in addition to searching by order and invoice number, you can now do a search by Supplier as well. Fine-tune your searches to get all received purchase orders corresponding to a particular supplier.

3. Enhanced “Batch Production”

We’ve redesigned the batch production experience for enhanced clarity and visibility into the stock requirements and stock availability to process the batched item.

4. “Stock Issues” Update

We’ve introduced a ‘Sales Return’ dropdown option when issuing out stock. This ensures all damaged and expired items that are returned to the supplier are accounted for.

5. Top Inventory Modifiers Report

The ‘Top Inventory Modifiers’ report has a new column called ‘Menu Item’. Now, easily identify menu items with the most frequently-ordered inventory modifiers.

6. Table Wise Sales Report

The ‘Table Wise Sales Report’ can now be filtered by ‘Dine-In Areas’. A great way to identify which of your dine-in areas are generating the maximum business in a day.

7. Theoretical Stock Report

When exporting the ‘Theoretical Stock Report’ to a CSV file, you now get complete visibility into total stock moved in and out of your inventory, with the new Total In and Total Out columns.

8. New and Improved In-app Consistency: In this update, we’ve polished areas of Sapaad for greater clarity and consistency.

9. Other fixes and performance improvements:

+ Due Date is non-editable when creating a new purchase order.
+ Resolved issue of deleting default supplier when adding a new supplier for ingredients and finished goods.
+ Inventory Modifier stabilisation.
+ Improved display of stock movement type in Theoretical Stock Report.
+ Fixed an issue when saving Stock Takes with a large number of items.
+ A new location now adds all ingredients for a newly-created location.
+ Resolved issue in Finished Goods and Recipes to correctly calculate COGS.
+ Fixed data mismatch issue in ‘Cancelled Orders’ report.
+ Stock issued out due to stock adjustment is correctly accounted for in the Wastage Cost Report.
+ Fixed issue of repetition of ingredients when displaying a recipe.
+ Fixed issue of repetition of supplier names when displaying a purchase order.
+ Information pop-ups are now displayed correctly.
+ In ‘Total Purchases’ report, fixed issue to correctly display the Received Quantity.
+ We’ve disabled the Order Types filter dropdown from specific inventory reports where order types is irrelevant.

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