August 30, 2016

What’s New in Sapaad: August 2016

The month of August introduced lots of exciting enhancements to Sapaad, including powerful new inventory reports, additional in-report columns and search fields for enhanced visibility of your business, a new billing section to keep track of your Sapaad subscription, and much more!

In case you missed it, here’s a look back at some of our recent improvements.

1. NEW: Stock On Hand Report

We’ve introduced an all-new, powerful inventory report that gives you a LIVE comprehensive account of your stock on hand at that particular instant. View the quantity and value of stock on hand for all your ingredients and finished goods, as well as that of pending purchase orders corresponding to each item.

2. NEW: Stock Transfer Report

Our all-new ‘Stock Transfer’ report on the inventory dashboard gives you a complete overview of Stock Transfers between your locations. Monitor the quantity of ingredients and finished goods transferred in and transferred out due to stock transfers between locations, and get a detailed insight into each of them.

3. ‘Total Purchases’ Report on Dashboard

We’ve updated the ‘Total Purchases’ report on your dashboard with a new search field called ‘Search for a Supplier’. Now, when analysing your completed purchase orders, you can instantly filter purchase orders corresponding to a particular supplier.

4. Inventory Setup Improvements

a. When defining a Recipe as a Finished Good, you will no longer need to enter supplier details. We’ve eliminated the ‘Suppliers’ section for recipes defined as finished goods in order to minimise potential errors including ones like raising purchase orders for recipes defined as finished goods.

b. We’ve updated the new ‘Sub Recipe’ icon to display details of Sub Recipe Ingredients. This means, when editing a recipe that has a sub recipe, you can get a quick glimpse of ingredients used in the sub recipe by simply placing your cursor on the icon.

5. Purchase Orders Update

We’ve updated the Open Orders and Sent Orders section under Inventory > Purchase Orders with a new search field called ‘Supplier or Email’. You can now do a quick and easy search for purchase orders corresponding to a particular supplier by simply entering the supplier name or email address in the search field.

6. “Change Due Date” ability for Sent POs

We’ve introduced the ability for your staff to easily update the due date for a sent purchase order. A new ‘Change Due Date’ button now appears in the Due Date column of the Sent Orders section under Purchase Orders. Your staff can instantly change the due date for a corresponding sent PO.

7. New ‘Receive Date’ column for Purchase Orders and Stock Requests/Transfer

We’ve updated the ‘Total Purchases’ report on your dashboard, as well as the ‘Received Orders’ section under Purchase Orders, and the ‘Received Stock’ section under Stock Requests/Transfer with a new ‘Received Date’ column. You now have the ability to easily determine the date of receipt of items into your inventory against a particular purchase order and stock request.

8. New ‘Stock On Hand’ column

a. We’ve introduced a new ‘Stock On Hand’ column under Batch Production. Now, when producing a batch, you are able to view stock on hand for the batched item before processing it.

b. In addition, we’ve introduced a new ‘Stock On Hand’ column for Issue Stock. This means, when issuing out stock at your location, you now have the ability to view stock on hand for that particular item before issuing it out.

9. ‘Stock Takes’ Widget Update

We’ve updated the ‘Stock Takes’ widget on your dashboard to now display the total number of completed stock takes at your location during the selected date range.

10. ‘Item Notes’ displayed in order details

We’ve updated Sapaad to display ‘Item Notes’ in order details. This means, notes informing your staff about a customer’s request or modification to an item in their order now show up in the order details, just like modifiers.

11. New features added to Sales reports

We’ve updated the ‘Sales By Location’ and ‘Orders By Location’ reports on your sales dashboard with new columns ‘Orders’, ‘Sales’ and ‘Average Per Cheque’ as well as a powerful graphical representation of your sales trends. Now, get a daily breakdown of total number of orders, total sales, and average amount per cheque at each of your locations.

12. ‘Top Selling Items’ Report Enhanced

The ‘Top Selling Items’ report on your dashboard can now be filtered by a combination of filters. This means, you can now identify and upsell menu items with high profitability across a combination of Staff, Tags and Categories selected from the respective filter dropdown buttons.

13. Improved ‘Total Orders’ Report

We’ve updated the ‘Total Orders’ report on your dashboard to display a new ‘Ready At’ column when exported to CSV. This means, for Walk-in, Dine-in and Online orders made ready from the bump screen, you can now determine the time at which the orders were ready.

14. Delivery Report Update

We’ve updated the denomination of time in the Delivery Report on your dashboard, when it is exported to CSV. Now, data in columns ‘Preparation Time’, ‘Pickup Time’, ‘Delivery Time’, and ‘Total Time’ are displayed in the denomination of “minutes” and not “hours”.

15. New ‘Tax’ column added to reports

If you’ve enabled Tax at your location, a new column ‘Tax’ will be displayed in the ‘Total Orders’ and ‘Sales Summary’ reports on your dashboard. It’s a great way to account for total tax at your location.

16. Account for your Sapaad subscription invoices

We’ve made it easier than ever to keep track of your Sapaad subscription billing. You can now view all your monthly invoices by simply visiting the ‘Billing’ section under Setup > My Account.

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