July 21, 2016

7 Brilliant Ways Sapaad Can Help You Take Control Of Your Home Delivery Management

It’s no secret: the customer is king. Keeping customers waiting for their food leads to frustration, lost sales, and a bad reputation for your business.

With Sapaad, you have the ability to be in total control of your restaurant’s home delivery process. Monitor every stage of deliveries in real-time, identify and control bottlenecks, and optimise your overall delivery efficiency.



Here are 7 brilliant ways Sapaad can help you take control of your home delivery management and keep your customers happy.


1. Boost Customer Engagement

With Sapaad, you can build a comprehensive customer database. So each time a customer calls to place an order, you instantly know their name, order history and favourites from the menu. This not only empowers your order-taking staff, it also boosts customer engagement.


2. Manage Phone Orders Centrally

Sapaad’s integrated call center module completely simplifies phone order management. You can take phone orders at each of your locations, or seamlessly set up a central call center to manage phone orders for all your locations. Orders are printed directly to the respective kitchen.


3. Monitor Deliveries In Real-time

Sapaad’s ‘Delivery Manager’ lets you track home deliveries as they happen — from the minute your customer places an order to when it is delivered at their doorstep. With great insights into how long your customer has been waiting, the order preparation time and the delivery time, your staff can operate keeping the most important aspect of your business always on high priority — your customer.


4. Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Keep your customers informed on their order status with Sapaad’s in-built SMS feature. Send out pro-active, instant SMS alerts at every stage of order fulfilment; a ‘Thank you for your order!’, or ‘Your meal is on the way. Enjoy!’, and so on. Your customers will appreciate knowing what’s happening while waiting for their meal, and save you the hassle of receiving follow-up calls.


5. Optimise Delivery Driver Communication

During busy hours, it’s essential to tighten communication with your delivery drivers. Sapaad’s ‘Delivery Assistant’ is an awesome mobile app that synchronises your POS system with your driver’s mobile phone. You can keep them informed on what orders to deliver and where, how long a customer has been waiting, and more.


6. Assess Delivery Personnel Performance

With Sapaad, you can assess which of your delivery personnel is getting more deliveries done on time, and making maximum sales. The ‘Delivery Report’ helps you identify and thus incentivize your top performing delivery personnel to increase the motivation of your entire team.


7. Analyse & Identify Bottlenecks

Sapaad’s ‘Delivery Report’ gives you brilliant insights into your entire home delivery process. Analyse the elapsed time between order placed and delivered, track time spent on the road, identify late and on-time deliveries. This helps you detect obstacles in your operations so as to take necessary action and improve your overall delivery process.





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