July 12, 2016

Introducing Dashboard 2.0: Here’s All You Need To Know


Improved performance, a powerful new engine, an all new look.


We’re thrilled to launch our all new dashboard!

Dashboard 2.0 was designed to provide enhanced usability, performance and power. What’s more, we’ve completely revamped its look with cool design touchups and usability enhancements for an overall improved experience.





What’s new?


sales trends, sales analysis


 The Sales Chart is back – and it’s better!

Our new-and-improved sales graph gives you an ‘at a glance’ real-time overview of your sales across any specific date or time range. Stay on top of your sales curve while making sure your business growth is consistent and on track.





query engine


 New, improved query engine

Our new query engine increases the amount of data you can access at any time. This means no more having to export reports to CSV for large date ranges. You can now access business information from up to two to five months right on your dashboard.









You’ll notice that your dashboard loads instantly, even for data across large date ranges.

Enjoy accelerated loading times and access your business reports faster than ever.






business dashboard


Beautiful new look!

We’ve completely revamped the look of your dashboard with design and usability touchups that enhance your experience.

We’ve improved readability and simplified the way you resize and move about widgets to customize your dashboard.





business reports



And more…

We’ve gone in and touched up individual reports with additional powerful features such as in-report search, caching, and more.






Dashboard 2.0 is FREE for existing Sapaad users and is available today. 





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