June 20, 2016

Sapaad Loyalty: 4 Reasons Why You Ought To Start A Loyalty Program At Your Restaurant

Running a loyalty program at your restaurant is a proven effective and powerful marketing strategy to build your business and your brand, and to grow a loyal customer base. It is directed at both existing and potential customers. A well-designed loyalty program is right for your business – no matter the size, scale or budget.

benefits-of-restaurant-loyaltyWe give you 4 reasons why you ought to start a loyalty program at you restaurant and sky-rocket your business!


1. Keep ‘em coming back!

A loyalty program rewards frequent customers and keeps ‘em coming back. It’s way smarter and more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. A good loyalty program is key.


2. Win back “lost” customers

Want to get back customers who haven’t visited your restaurant in a while? Loyalty programs let you reach out to “inactive” customers and entice them back with exciting and valuable rewards.


3. Create “Fans” and “Brand Ambassadors”

You can’t beat “word-of-mouth” as a marketing strategy. It’s far more effective than any promotional advertisement could be. Customers enrolled in a loyalty program spread the word to family and friends.


4. Build Relationships

Loyalty programs help you build long-term value-based relationships with your customers.


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