June 16, 2016

Sapaad Loyalty: Restaurant Loyalty Reimagined

Have you signed up for ‘Sapaad Loyalty’ yet?

If you haven’t, we’re excited to fill you in on ‘Sapaad Loyalty’. We’ll tell you all about our brilliant feature and how it will help you run an effective, fun, and business-boosting loyalty program at your restaurant.


Sapaad Loyalty is seamlessly integrated with your POS. You don’t need a separate loyalty system or complex configurations. It is super easy to set up — you’ll be up and running in just minutes.

With Sapaad, we’ve made it incredibly easy for customers to join your Loyalty program! No lengthy forms, no plastic cards, no separate loyalty application. Sapaad manages everything seamlessly. All your customers need to enrol and start earning loyalty is a mobile number. What’s more, we’ve completely eliminated the points system used in traditional loyalty programs. No more complex loyalty formula calculations.

Sapaad Loyalty is foolproof, elegant and just plain fun!

Coming up in our next post, we’ll talk about how running a loyalty program at your restaurant will power-up your business.


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